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Green Natural Cats Eye Tourmaline , from the Himalayas approximate size: 32mm x 23mm x 17mm *actual ..
Natural Aquamarine crystal piece, natural hexagonal shape present, nice colour from Sugar Valley, yo..
Vayrynenite Crystal Out Of Stock
Rare Vayrynenite Crystal piece from Pakistan, approximate size: 9mm x 5mm x 2mm *actual item..
Clear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which will fluoresce under UV approximate size: ..
Sparkly Lilac Amethyst from Nyiri New
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, unusual colour and terminations very..
Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Beautiful grown zincite formation, lovely colours from Poland approximate size: 42mm x 29m x 26mm *..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:16mm x 11mm x 6mm*actual item..
Burmese Pink Tourmaline Mushroom Out Of Stock
A definate collectable piece, a deep fleshy pink Pink Tourmaline formation often referred to as a mu..
natural sapphire crystal from Sri Lanka, classic shape gorgeous blue colour approximate size: 10mm x..
Brewsterite Crystal Cluster Matrix, rarer mineral from Argyll, Scotland. approximate size: 79mm x 5..
A lovely natural crystal formation of clear gemmy Pink Kunzite in a silver setting, unique piece ap..
Green Smithsonite Formation from Sheshodonnell Ireland Out Of Stock
Smithsonite Natural Yellow Green Formation, from Sheshodonnell Mine, Ireland approximate size: 49mm..
A lovely crystal ball carved from Madagascan clear quartz, inclusions and veils, with some rainbows,..
Carved from Madagascan amethyst. with a lightly polished surface to enhance the amethyst and ice lik..
These rare larimar tumblestones sometimes referred to as pectolite are found in the Dominican Republ..
Dark Blue Apatite Polished Stone from Brazil, shaped and part polished with a textured finish, ideal..
Freeform polished Pyrite cabochon style from Peru. Lovely two tone colours. approximately 26mm x 21..
Blue Montana pear style cut Sapphire Gemstone - for Jewellery Making, from the USA approximately 7.4..
Gorgeous large Faceted Oval Amethyst Gemstone, natural approximate size: 30mm x 25mm - 71.7ct *actua..
Gorgeous flash of blue colour with a smaller golden patch towards one end, not completely shown on t..
Ayurveda Nitiraj Gold Select Incense Out Of Stock
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense is made of many natural herbs & resins in harmo..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This delightful bouquet of roses is delicately blended with ..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'An intriguing blend of rare floral oils and sandalwood, this..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense with it's natural ingredients and smooth long l..
Wooden jewel box with an agate inlaid lid. approximate size - 44mm(1""6/8) x high 69mm(2""6/8) wide..
Archangel A5 journal, contains a nice quality blank paper! approximate size: 210mm(8.2"") x 150mm(5..
Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..