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Disapore Crystal Piece from Turkey, rarer specimen, from Turkey approximate dimensions: 25mm x 23mm ..
Smithsonite Natural Yellow Green Formation, from Sheshodonnell Mine, Ireland approximate size: 41mm ..
Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Beautiful grown zincite formation, lovely colours from Poland approximate size: 42mm x 29m x 26mm *a..
Quartz with the rarer blue tourmaline(or possibly olenite). from Nooristan (or Nuristan) Afghanistan..
Red Purple Sapphire Crystal on Matrix Rock, from the Hunza Valley approximate size: 56mm x 41mm x 33..
Gorgeous cavansite formation, two nicely formed crystals on bed rock, has a flatter side so can stan..
Burmese Pink Tourmaline Mushroom Out Of Stock
A definate collectable piece, a deep fleshy pink Pink Tourmaline formation often referred to as a mu..
Large Red Brown Spinel Crystal from Sri Lanka approximate size: 50mm(1.9"") x 38mm(1.5"") x 39mm(1.5..
Black Tourmaline on Quartz, single black tourmaline crystal  on the side of this double terminated q..
Himalayan Hachupa Quartz Point, very bright lovely clear quartz, very sparkly ideal size for layouts..
Natural sapphire from Sril Lanka, with a pale yellow tinge. approximate size: 12mm x 5mm x 5mm *actu..
Multiple Quartz Crystal Cluster, lovely quartz formation with many points in the same direction app..
Vanadinite Crystal Cluster approximate size: 37mm(1.4"") x 27mm(1.1"") x 24mm(0.9"") *actual item..
Natural Grandidierite Crystal, fairly rare silicate crystal approximate size: 17mm x 10mm x 7mm *act..
Blue Tip Tourmaline in Quartz, small quartz formation with a nice size tourmaline crystal with a blu..
Lovely natural calcite cluster, sandy yellow orange colour, locality Kharan approximate size: 87mm x..
Smokey Quartz Faceted Shape, this lovely high quality clear smokey quartz with rainbow and foil type..
Green fluorite carefully carved and polished into a freeform tactile shape, great quality mineral fr..
Green Fluorite sphere, Madagascan hand carved. approximately 42mm high. *actual item..
Hand Crafted sodalite Kwan Yin statue, representation of the goddess of compassion or mercy. Approxi..
Himalayan Topaz Crystal, part polished, stands upright. approximate size : 22mm x 8mm x 8mm *actual ..
A lovely crystal ball carved from Madagascan clear quartz, inclusions and veils, with some rainbows,..
Unusual quartz freeform with a mostly polished surface giving it a textured surface in places where ..
Petrified Wood Crystal Ball carved from Madagascan petrified wood. Great variation of colour and pat..
Freeform polished Pyrite cabochon style from Peru. Lovely two tone colours. approximately 26mm x 21..
Gemstone Display Tray for 50mm by 50mm Boxes to take 20 boxes in total. Approximate overall dimensi..
Kunzite rectangle Gemstone approximately 10.8mm x 8.6mm  5.5ct *actual item..
Sphene Cabochon Gemstone, unique approximately 21mm x 16mm 21ct *actual item..
Lovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light different colours can be se..
Lovely oval cabochon of Malachite, with classic patterns from the Congo, approximate Size: 23mm x 16..
Amethyst Gemstone, natural approximate diammeter: 20.8mm - 27ct *actual item..
Unique collectible Peridot with Lugwigite Faceted Oval gemstone approximate size : 14.7mm x 11.2mm 8..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense is made of many natural herbs & resins in harmo..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This delightful bouquet of roses is delicately blended with ..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'An intriguing blend of rare floral oils and sandalwood, this..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense with it's natural ingredients and smooth long l..
Frankincense Resin Powder Out Of Stock
Frankincense resin and powder in a handy mini re-usable glass jar, for use with charcoal disks. Used..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'An exotic aroma of rosewood and wild flowers in honour of th..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'Inspired by the heavenly mountain of the Himalayas let this ..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack A soothing blend of vanilla, vertivert and sandalwood, this f..
Wooden jewel box with an agate inlaid lid. approximate size - 44mm(1""6/8) x high 69mm(2""6/8) wide..
Archangel A5 journal, contains a nice quality blank paper! approximate size: 210mm(8.2"") x 150mm(5..
Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..
Black velvet type material Ganesh bag with 2 zip compartments, ideal for carrying a few special item..
Metal sticker with Ganesh, stick one any and everywhere to connect with Ganesh and remove a few obst..
Metal sticker with an Om, stick one any and everywhere and spread some harmony! Black in colour. app..
Hand carved Celtic Tree of life on a sandstone slab, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. approximate si..