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Kimberlite Mineral Matrix New
Kimberlite Mineral MatrixThis not particularly attractive igneous rock is so important because it is..
K2 Stone Deep Blue Spot Palm New -19%
K2 Stone Deep Blue Spot PalmA stone named after the region where 1st discovered, its predominately a..
£10.50 £8.50
Baryte Polished Face Mineral New
Baryte Polished Face MineralUnique baryte mineral with a cut and polished face, displaying a gorgeou..
Pink Morganite Polished Freeform New
Pink Morganite Polished FreeformGorgeous pink morganite polished stone, lovely pink colour predomina..
Pink Morganite Freeform Polished Stone New
Pink Morganite Freeform Polished StoneGorgeous pink morganite polished stone, lovely pink colour wit..
Small Gold Nugget On Rock New
Small Gold Nugget On RockSmall Gold Nugget, origin Elandsdrift Mine Sabie, Mpumalanga Province, S..
Candle Quartz Cathedral Crystal Point New
Candle Quartz Cathedral Crystal PointCandle Quartz Point, great shape for holding and energy work, ..
Triple Candle Quartz Point New
Triple Candle Quartz PointCandle Quartz triple point, one larger and 2 smaller points creating this ..
Danburite Natural Crystal New
Danburite Natural CrystalNatural danburite crystal with part temination, slight pink hueapproximate ..
Danburite Crystal Piece New
Danburite Crystal PieceDanburite crystal, a danburite crystal piece, place on a white background and..
Himalayan Double Terminated Crystals Quartz ClusterLovely multiple sparkly clear quartz Himalayan ..
Flatter Quartz ClusterLovely Himalayan quartz cluster, flatter in appearance, predominately smaller ..
Chunky Lapis Lazuli PieceChunky Lapis Lazuli Piece, predominately blue with pyrite and calcite from ..
Small Natural Blue Lapis Lazuli PieceLovely deep colour natural chunk of lapis lazuli, with pyrite a..
Vanadinite Multiple Crystal Cluster MatrixVanadinite Crystal Cluster, with many various sized bright..
Rhodocrosite Crystal SpecimenWell formed crystal of rhodocrosite, mostly seen as a pink and white, t..
Rhodonite Gemmy Crystal SpecimenWell formed crystal of rhodonite, rhodonite is mostly seen as a pink..
Small Vanadinite Crystal Cluster MatrixVanadinite Crystal Cluster, bright deep colour sparkly vanadi..
Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Laser Out Of Stock
Golden Healer Quartz Crystal LaserGolden Healer Quartz Crystal Laser, gorgeous vibrant quartz with a..
Libethenite Crystal MatrixNicely formed rarer mineral on a rock matrix, a range of colours as shown,..
A definate collectable piece, a fleshy Pink Tourmaline clear in places to see into form the Kashmir ..
Hemimorphite Baryte Fluorite Galena SpecimenUnique hemimorphite with baryte, fluorite, galena, cerus..
Pseudomorph of Calcite after GlauberiteLovely well formed calcite pseudomorph after glauberite forma..
Gold Flake Nugget on Quartz Out Of Stock
Gold Flake Nugget on QuartzGold Nugget on Quartz, combination of quartz, gold, gorgeous specimen fro..
Cherry Blossom Stone Sakura IshiA rare mineral from Japan, formed through two processes, initially f..
Green Smithsonite Formation from Sheshodonnell Ireland Out Of Stock
SmithsoniteSmithsonite Natural Yellow Green Formation, from Sheshodonnell Mine, Ireland approximate..
Roselite Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Roselite crystal formation, rarer specimen, often gets mispelt, origin Bou Azzer District, Tazenhakt..
Unique pyromorphite specimen on English quartz crystal formation from Barstow's Trench, Roughton Gil..
Amethyst Cave Volcano Geode Out Of Stock
Amethyst Cave Volcano GeodeAmethyst Cave Geode, very volcano like(we think!) with a top you can remo..
Vibrant Colours Labradorite Polished FaceTop Grade papillion labradorite with a polished surface, th..
Raspberry GarnetLovely colour natural rhodolite raspberry garnet piece. Hold it up to the light and ..
Genuine Herkimer Diamond Crystal Piece Out Of Stock
Genuine Herkimer Quartz Diamond with Rainbow Inclusions, direct from the mine in the USA, chunk of c..
Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Point Out Of Stock
Golden Healer Quartz Crystal PointGolden Healer Quartz Crystal point, gorgeous vibrant clear quartz ..
Brasilianite Twin Crystal Piece Out Of Stock
Brazilianite Twin Crystal Formation, two main crystal terminations in this formation approximate siz..
Natural Uvarovite Garnet BedLovely rarer specimen of a green Garnet from Sarany Urals Russia, lovely..
K2 Wand -29%
K2 WandPolished K2 hand shaped wand, shaped wand ideal for crystal massage, lovely sizeable wand, a ..
£21.00 £15.00
Nice colour Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly translucent, lovely colour. approximate si..
Patterned Jasper PalmstoneLovely patterns and colours with opal like cloudy areas, shades of tan and..
Multi Colour Classic Labradorite Dragons Egg Out Of Stock
Grade AA labradorite with a polished face surface, with a lovely classic range of  colours, inc..
Gorgeous polished Rhodonite palmstone, nice contrasting black and bright pink colours, both sides, t..
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball 36mmLapis Lazuli Crystal Ball, mostly rich shades of blue throughout with ..
Large Citrine Polished Pebble Out Of Stock
Gorgeous larger and very clear citrine pebble, approximate size: 48mm x 36mm x 29mm *actual item s..
Shungite Crystal BallRarer as a crystal ball, this solid shungite sphere is predominately black with..
Seraphinite Polished SliceGorgeous patterned Seraphinite Polished Slice, the lovely silvery and vary..
Carved from Madagascan amethyst. with a lightly polished surface to enhance the amethyst and ice lik..
Petrified Wood Crystal Ball carved from Madagascan petrified wood. Great variation of colour and pat..
Fluorite Polished PebbleFluorite Polished Pebble chunk polished into a freeform shape, appear darker..
Titanium Pink Silver Druzy Quartz Drop Shape Out Of Stock
Lovely freeform shape of titanium Coloured Druzy Quartznice bright colour. cut edge to help with set..
Blue and Green Labradorite Oval CabochonLabradorite oval cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better th..
Australian Opal Heart CabochonAustralian Boulder Opal Cabochon style cut, heart shape, gorgeous colo..
Blue Golden Labradorite Cabochon -43% Out Of Stock
Blue Golden Labradorite CabochonLabradorite cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the pictur..
£3.50 £2.00
Carved Peruvian Large Andean Opal Angel, with amazing detail. approximately 202mm(8") x 80mm(3.1") ..
Mexican Cantera Fire Opal  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Lovely freeform cabochon shape of Mexican Fire Opal, in this form often called cantera approximate S..
Quality Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball 61mm -14%
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball, with pyrite and white calcite, mostly rich blue patches of colour with py..
£50.00 £43.00
A large quartz Angel hand carved in Brasil, interesting quartz with inclusions, part polished textur..
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon - for Jewellery Designs Out Of Stock
Lovely freeform cabochon shape of Mexican Fire Opal, in this form often called cantera approximate S..
Nice Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly gemmy clear centre, lovely colour. approximate si..
3 Bright Clear Quartz Points Out Of Stock
Bright Clear Quartz Points , with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural ..
Lovely freeform cabochon shape of Mexican Cantera Opal, in this form often called cantera. ryolite m..