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Shungite Protective Shield New
Shungite Protective ShieldCarved from shungite, a  a fairly recent non crystalline mineral most..
Dark Green Tourmaline Slice New
Dark Green Tourmaline SliceGem Tourmaline Crystal slice from the Himalayas, dark green centre with a..
Tourmaline Crystal Watermelon New
Tourmaline Crystal WatermelonSmall and gorgeous watermelon tourmaline crystal slice.approximate size..
Pink Tourmaline Crystal New
Pink Tourmaline CrystalPink tourmaline crystal, nice termination or point, nice pink colour, deeper ..
Brucite Mineral New
Brucite Mineral Rarer mineral, lovely bright yellow sizable version of Brucite, origin Kharan appro..
Brandberg Amethyst Quartz Crystal Phantom Point New
Brandberg Amethyst Quartz Crystal Phantom PointGood example of a Brandberg amethyst quartz from the ..
Small Natural Smokey Quartz Cluster New
Small Natural Smokey Quartz ClusterLovely small Smokey Quartz Points clustered together in this cute..
Petrified Wood Palmstone New
Petrified Wood PalmstoneLovely hand polished stone with shades of brown, cream and rarer green gray ..
Natural Quartz DT Point Coated with Azurite New
Natural Quartz DT Point Coated with AzuriteDouble Terminated Quartz Point, with terminations(or poin..
Libyan Desert Glass Impactite New
Libyan Desert Glass ImpactiteLovely piece of Libyan desert glass, a  yellow caramel tone. This ..
Celestite CrystalLovely large sparkly blue celestite crystal, good size of this gorgeous mineral, pa..
Celestite CrystalLovely sparkly blue celestite crystal, sizable piece of this gorgeous mineral, part..
Rhodocrosite Crystal SpecimenStunning rare Rhodocrosite Crystal specimen from USAapproximate size: 1..
Gold on QuartzGold Nugget on Quartz, combination of quartz, gold, nice specimen, origin Frankfort Mi..
Azurite Malachite from IrelandRare example of malachite and azurite from the Tynagh mine, Irelandapp..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:19mm x 11mm x 9mm*actual item..
Rare Lilac Amethyst from Nyiri Out Of Stock
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, unusual colour and terminations very..
Skeletal Hiddenite Crystal FormationSkeletal hiddenite crystal formation from the Himalaya region, t..
Connellite on Quartz with Tourmaline MineralRare secondary copper mineral connellite, on this rare e..
Rhodonite Deep Colour Crystal PieceGorgeous deep colour pink of rhodonite, usually seen as a pink an..
Quartz with Riebeckite. Lovely quartz with Riebeckite growing through it, very sparkly surface, fro..
Kimberlite Mineral Matrix Out Of Stock
Kimberlite Mineral MatrixThis not particularly attractive igneous rock is so important because it is..
Natural Tanzanite CrystalNatural Tanzania crystal  from...Tanzania, lovely colour and transpare..
Snow Candle Angled Quartz Point Out Of Stock
Snow Candle Angled Quartz PointCandle Quartz Point, the name given to quartz where faces and elestia..
Tanzanite Crystal PieceTanzania crystal chunk from...Tanzania lovely colour, sizeable piece. Unheate..
Calcite Cluster Taffs WellLovely cluster of crystals throughout the surface, interestingly one side ..
Dioptase Crystal on MatrixDioptase Crystal on Matrix from Africa, bright green crystals clustered to..
Botryoidal Chalcedony Piece, lovely pastel pink with darker shades and colours underneath, from Morr..
Citrine Faceted Point  26mm Out Of Stock
Citrine polished and faceted point from Madagascar, gorgeous point milky and cloudy at the bottom cl..
Hematite in Quartz Pebble Out Of Stock
Hematite in Quartz PebbleUnusual hematite quartz freeform with a hand polished surface, more red are..
Shungite SphereRarer as a crystal ball, this solid shungite sphere is predominately black, lovely fe..
Columbian Clear Quartz Point Blade of Light -52%
Columbian Clear Quartz Point Blade of LightColumbian Clear Quartz Point, beautiful and clear bright ..
£15.50 £7.50
Green Garnet Polished PalmstoneHydrogrossular Garnet Palmstone, lovely green colour, nice freeform s..
From Africa, freeform pebble high quality Tiger Eye, with blue and brown colours, often referred to ..
Blue Celestite EggLovely sparkly celestite, hand cut with an egg shaped base, lovely range of natura..
Seraphinite Polished Face Slice Out Of Stock
Seraphinite Polished Face SliceGorgeous patterned Seraphinite, one side polished with lovely silvery..
Faceted Kornerupine Gemstone from Sri Lanka 8.8mm x 7mm, 1.73ct..
Orbicular Jasper Cabochon, unique natural colours and patterns approximately 45mm x 30mm, 70ct*actua..
Unique white Scapolite cats eye, unique approximately 12.3mm x 12.4mm 7.4ct *actual item..
Faceted Blue Euclase Gemstone, from Zimbabwe approximate size 10mm x 9mm 5.5ct *actual item..
Gemstone Display Tray for 50mm by 50mm Boxes 20 in Total Out Of Stock
Gemstone Display Tray for 50mm by 50mm Boxes to take 20 boxes in total. Approximate overall dimen..
Serendibite Gemstone Out Of Stock
Serendibite Oval Gemstone - for Jewellery Making, from Sri Lanka approximately 9mm x 6mm x 1.9ct *ac..
Freeform polished Pietersite cabochon  large drop shape style from Africa. Lovely predominately..
Lovely large red ruby and green zoisite in this lovely cabochon approximate Size: 42mm x 33mm 130cts..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 88mm(3.3") x 36mm(..
Grade AA labradorite with a polished surface, predominately golden in colour with some yellow, blue ..
Quartz Points  Formations 3 Pack Set of 3 quart point formations, lovely examples with adjoini..
Carved Peruvian Large Andean Opal Angel, with amazing detail. approximately 202mm(8") x 80mm(3.1") ..
Shungite Crystal Sphere Out Of Stock
Shungite Crystal SphereRarer as a crystal ball, this solid shungite sphere is predominately black, l..
Carved Peruvian Large Deep Purple Fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 57mm(..
Carved Peruvian Andean Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 68mm(2.7") x 30mm(1.1..
Brazilian Amethyst Chunk larger amethyst massive rather than a crystallised formation, nice colourfu..