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Pale Pink Morganite and Aquamarine New
Pale Pink Morganite and AquamarinePale pink morganite crystal combined with aquamarine, hexagonal cr..
Pink Morganite and Aquamarine Crystal Piece New
Pink Morganite and Aquamarine Crystal PiecePale pink morganite crystal combined with aquamarine, lov..
Fulgurite Lightening Silica New
Fulgurite Lightening SilicaFulgurite Formation, created by a lightning strike on sand or rock, the m..
Celestite Polished Pebble New
Celestite Polished PebbleHand crafted and hand polished celestite pebble, rare because its great co..
Celestite Pebble New
Celestite PebbleHand crafted and polished celestite pebble, rare because its great colour and quali..
Sandalwood Fragrance Candle  Goloka New
Sandalwood Fragrance Candle  GolokaMade with Soy Wax, a quality sandalwood fragrance for all yo..
Palo Santo Fragrance Candle  Goloka New
Palo Santo Fragrance Candle  GolokaMade with Soy Wax, a quality Palo Santo wood fragrance for a..
White Sage Fragrance Candle  Goloka New
White Sage Fragrance Candle  GolokaMade with Soy Wax, a quality white sage fragrance for all yo..
Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Chunk New Out Of Stock
Pink Rose Quartz Crystal ChunkNice Rose Quartz Crystal Chunk. Rose quartz normally appears in larger..
Gemmy Rose Quartz New Out Of Stock
Gemmy Rose QuartzGemmy Rose Quartz Crystal Chunk. Rose quartz normally appears in larger seams and c..
Hematite Crystal PieceHematite Crystal piece from Englandapproximate size: 35mm x 20mm x 12mm*actual..
Almandine Garnet Crystal Nugget Lovely natural Almandine garnet, deep red brown colours and crystal ..
Blue Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal Out Of Stock
Quartz with the rarer blue tourmaline(or possibly olenite). Nice colour, from Nooristan (or Nuristan..
Artinite Crystal formationExample of a rarer mineral, named in 1902, fairly unique with various spra..
Large Chunky Self Healed Green Tourmalinated Quartz Formation, lovely natural chunky quartz with so..
Rare Lilac Nyiri Amethyst Out Of Stock
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, very collectable from Nyiri HungaryA..
Brookite Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Brookite Crystal Formation, several brookite crystals interwoven, from the Kharan approximate size:..
Irish Gold Bearing QuartzIrish Gold Bearing Quartz Ore, combination of quartz with gold,  from ..
Wolfram Quartz Matrix FormationRarer wolfram mineral in a quartz matrix, metallic like appearance wi..
Xenotime Natural Crystal Out Of Stock
Xenotime crystal, rare crystal form from Zagi Mountains approximate size: 12mm x 7mm x 5m..
Baculite fossil AmmoniteNice example with some iridescence, as you can see, rarer example of an almo..
Aquamarine Tourmaline and Pink Fluorite Formation Out Of Stock
Aquamarine Tourmaline and Pink Fluorite FormationGorgeous unusual combination of a tourmaline, pink ..
Brown Topaz Cluster Matrix Out Of Stock
Brown Topaz Cluster MatrixLovely cluster of brown topaz in a rock matrixapproximate size 30mm x 18mm..
Vivianite CrystalA rare mostly seen as a clear green mineral mineral which was named in 1817 by a We..
Wavellite FormationWavellite Formationfrom Mauldin Mountain Quarries, Montgomery Arkansas USAapproxi..
Nice clear Quartz Point, bright with multiple points and terminations towards one end, lots of natur..
Green Sphene Crystal Titanite Cluster Out Of Stock
Green Sphene Crystal Titanite ClusterLovely bright natural green Sphene crystals, interlocked togeth..
Weardale Fluorite Crystal SpecimenWeardale Fluorite Crystal Specimen, part large interlocked crystal..
Quartz Cylinder ShapeCarved Brazilian quartz cylinder, slightly milky with a girasol opalescence, id..
Seraphinite Polished Slice Out Of Stock
Seraphinite Polished SliceSeraphinite Polished Slice, polished one side the other cut but not final ..
Blue Celestite Egg Out Of Stock
Blue Celestite EggLovely sparkly celestite, hand cut with an egg shaped base, lovely range of natura..
Citrine Polished Point 33mm Out Of Stock
Citrine Polished Point 33mmCitrine polished point from Madagascar, clear stone with foil inclusions,..
Clear Quartz Crystal with Iron Skull Out Of Stock
Clear Quartz Crystal with Iron SkullCarved clear quartz with a little iron/hematite, producing some ..
Chunky Polished Jasper HeartNice range of colour and patterns, complete with geode openings, hand ca..
Black Obsidian Crystal BallBlack Obsidian Crystal Ball, from Mexico.approximately 50mm high. *actual..
Lapis Lazuli Polished Point Out Of Stock
Lapis Lazuli Polished PointPolished lapis lazuli point, ideal for crystal therapy and grids. Lovely ..
Labradorite Cabochon 26mm Out Of Stock
Labradorite cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the picture can show! approximately 26mm x..
Faceted Blue John Gemstone  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Faceted Blue John Fluorite Gemstone, from England approximate size 8.5mm x 14.5mm 7.5ct *actual ite..
Two Tone Pyrite Cabochon  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Freeform polished Pyrite cabochon style from Peru. Lovely two tone colours. approximately 26mm x 21..
Faceted Pink Kunzite Round Gemstone Out Of Stock
Kunzite Round Gemstone approximately 11.3mm  7.97ct *actual item..
Amethyst Faceted drop, natural from Brazil approximately 17.5mm(0.6"") x 11.6mm(0.4) x 7.7mm(0.3) - ..
Rare Rainbow Garnet Faceted StoneRare garnet faceted, exhibiting the rainbow colour effect, a little..
Faceted Kornerupine Gemstone from Sri Lanka 8.8mm x 7mm, 1.73ct..
Quartz With Iron Oval Cabochon,Lovely quartz with iron inclusions producing a red brown pattern and ..
Immortal Carved PendantGorgeous Chinese 'immortal' pendant. Light Serpentine stone. Drilled 1-2mm ho..
Preseli Bluestone Crystal Ball, from that same source in Wales that is used in the construction of t..
Quartz Points  Formations 3 Pack Set of 3 quart point formations, lovely examples with adjoini..
Bag of Cabochons and Gemstones  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
A ranges of gemstones, majority cabochons, some faceted gems, ideal for a low cost way of practicing..
Lovely Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 96mm(3.8") x..
10 Quartz Part Points Out Of Stock
10 Quartz Part Points , with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quart..
Quartz Selenite Geode -44% Out Of Stock
Quartz Geode Cave, fits neatly together, lift the top off and see the lovely crystals inside, there'..
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Large Andean Opal Angel Out Of Stock
Carved Peruvian Large Andean Opal Angel, with amazing detail. approximately 202mm(8") x 80mm(3.1") ..