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Black Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Multiple Terminations New
Black Tourmaline Cathedral Style Multiple TerminationsBlack Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Multiple Termin..
High Quality Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone New -7%
Carved from high quality Lapis Lazuli as shown, a Lapis Lazuli Palm Meditation, with deep colours,..
£15.00 £13.95
Amethyst Crystal Pineapple Top Uruguayan New Out Of Stock
Amethyst Crystal Pineapple from Uruguay Lovely colour amethyst from Uruguay, unique amethyst be..
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Bed New
Bright Colourful AmethystLovely colour amethyst from Uraguay, unique amethyst bed with very little m..
Chunky Polished Large Fuschite Heart New
 Large Fuschite HeartNice range of colour and patterns, hand arved chunky heart, gorgeous spark..
Pink Calcite Sphere 76mm New -12%
Pink Calcite Sphere 76mm lovely pink xolour throughout, with the crystal lines visible, curved ..
£42.00 £37.00
Pink Calcite Sphere New -11%
Mangano Pink Calcite spherelovely pink xolour throughout, with the crystal lines visible, small 9mm ..
£28.00 £24.95
Clear Apophyllite Crystal Cluster New -12%
Clear Apophyllite Crystal ClusterMultiple clear points with a larger centrepiece from Poona India, ..
£12.50 £11.00
Apophyllite Crystal Points Cluster New -25%
Apophyllite Crystal Points Cluster, lovely range of clear points formation, with some larger than o..
£11.95 £9.00
Dolomite Crystal Cluster from Ireland New -17%
Dolomite Crystal Cluster, nice formed crystals with a pink hue, nice chunky size, origin Ireland ap..
£11.95 £9.95
Lapis Crystal Sphere 92mm -6%
Lapis Crystal Sphere, with pyrite scattered throughout and in rings around the sphere, enough to hav..
£133.00 £125.00
Quality Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball -12%
Quality Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball, with speckles of pyrite and white calcite, bands of colour and de..
£32.90 £29.00
Rutilated Quartz ChunkNice quality Quartz chunk with rutile inclusions, which are strands of titaniu..
Lovely blue calcite hand carved and polished into a freeform pebble shape, nice colour, ideal for me..
Lovely blue calcite hand carved and polished into a flatter round freeform pebble shape, blue colour..
Lovely blue calcite hand carved and polished into a freeform pebble shape, blue colour varies throug..
Lovely example of a Brandberg amethyst from the Brandberg Mountains Namibia, the quartz is very clea..
An Apache Tear Obsidian. a naturally formed volcanic glass approximate size guide: 18mm - 25mm *sa..
Lepidolite in Mica MineralA natural Lepidolite With Mica from Brazil approximate size: 55mm x 44mm x..
Polished Clear Quartz Crystal Ring Size NCarved from a solid piece of clear quartz, chunky style rin..
Sparkly Lilac Amethyst from Nyiri Out Of Stock
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, unusual colour and terminations very..
Unique pseudomorph of malachite after azurite formation, the specimen occurs as one mineral structur..
Mangano Vesuvianite Crystal Specimen, nice green and pink colours throughout nice formed crystals, f..
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, very collectable from Nyiri HungaryA..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:11mm x 7mm x 7mm*actual item..
Gold Bearing Quartz Ore Out Of Stock
Gold Bearing Quartz Ore, combination of quartz, iron & gold from the San Gregorio Mine Uruguay g..
Rare Euclase crystal formation, unlike the mineral found in other countries this is a deep blue from..
Burmese Red Spinel Crystal Out Of Stock
Red Spinel Crystal Specimen, lovely deep colour from Burma approximate size: 16mm(0.6"") x 18mm(0.7"..
Vanadinite Crystal Cluster, with many bright deep colour vanadinite crystals tightly together, from ..
Botryoidal Chalcedony Piece, lovely pastel pink with darker shades and colours underneath, from Morr..
Langite Mineral, rarer mineral, shades of blue, copper sulphate mineral from Tankardstown mine,..
Natural diamond crystal, small but well formed. approximate size: 3mm x 4mm x 4mm,*actual item &nb..
Nice classic colour lapis heart, part drilled from the top to allow a pin/stud pendant setting appr..
A lovely crystal ball carved from Madagascan clear quartz, with a lovely plane like feature when you..
63mm Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere from Madagascar Out Of Stock
A lovely classic in appearance crystal ball carved from Madagascan clear quartz, also with a lovely ..
Madagascan Rose quartz, light colour, with a star reflection or asterism, pic taken with led light t..
Green Quartz Slice Freeform Out Of Stock
Lovely freeform shape of coloured quartz from Brazil, nice bright colour. polished surface and cut f..
Orbicular Jasper Cabochon, unique freeform shape approximately 55mm x 22mm *actual item carved from ..
Freeform polished Pietersite cabochon drop shape style from Africa. Lovely combination of classic bl..
Lovely Pink Agate Freeform Druzy Slice, nice patterns can be seen, and a druzy centre. Final polish ..
Wooden jewel box with an agate inlaid lid. approximate size - 44mm(1""6/8) x high 69mm(2""6/8) wide..
Archangel A5 journal, contains a nice quality blank paper! approximate size: 210mm(8.2"") x 150mm(5..
Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..
Carved Peruvian Turquoise Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 95mm(3.7") x 34mm(1.3"..
Lovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light different colours can be se..
Crafted in India from lovely dark aventurine a unique carving of Ganesh Approximate height: 121mm(4...
Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 98mm(3.8") x 40mm(1..
Light Green Opal Pebble -37%
Polished Madagascan light green opal, hand polished freeform pebbles, small unpolished patch 4-5mm, ..
£3.95 £2.50
Brazilian Amethyst Chunk larger amethyst massive rather than a crystallised formation, nice colourfu..
Carved Peruvian Large Rhodocrosite Angel, with amazing detail. approximately 207mm(8.1") x 85mm(3.3..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 88mm(3.3") x 36mm(..
Carved Peruvian Mangano Calcite Angel, with lots of detail as shown with the rear of an angel on the..
Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 100mm(3.9") x 36mm(..
Carved Peruvian Large Andean Opal Angel, with amazing detail. approximately 202mm(8") x 80mm(3.1") ..
Girasol quartz shape, hand polished, from Madagascar, ideal for meditation! This type of white quar..