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Tanzania crystal  from...Tanzania lovely colour approximate size  : 13mm x 6.5mm 5mm *actual item..
Rare Euclase Mineral, deep blue from Zimbabweapproximate size:19mm x 10mm x 9mm*actual item..
Quartz with the rarer blue tourmaline(or possibly olenite). from Nooristan (or Nuristan) Afghanistan..
Quartz with Riebeckite. Lovely quartz with Riebeckite growing through it, very sparkly surface, from..
English Green Boracite Crystal Formation, rarer specimen, comprised of magnesium borate, origin Boul..
Boracite Crystal, rarer specimen, comprised of magnesium borate, origin Boulby Mine, England approx..
Richterite Crystal sizable Formation, from Afghanistan approximate size: 90mm x 47mm x 40mm *actual ..
Red Spinel Crystal Specimen, lovely deep colour from Burma approximate size: 16mm(0.6"") x 18mm(0.7"..
Lovely colour mint green mineral opal. colour then goes lighter towards the edge, nice chunkier piec..
Beautiful grown green and yellow zincite formation, lovely colours from Poland approximate size: 49m..
Nice clear Quartz Point, bright with multiple points and terminations towards one end, lots of natur..
Chunky cross section of a natural ruby from Indian with interesting surface markings, you can see a ..
A lovely crystal ball carved from Madagascan clear quartz, inclusions and veils, with some rainbows,..
Polished serpentine wand, shaped wand ideal for crystal massage, can stand upright approximate lengt..
Unusual with iron and some manganese dendritic markings, little fern like formations created by mang..
Polished All Over Labradorite Centrepiece Out Of Stock
Gorgeous and big, polished piece of labradorite with greens, blues and golden colours all over the f..
Sphene Drop Form Cabochon Gemstone, unique colour depth, freeform cut approximately 28mm x 15mm 38ct..
Labradorite cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the picture can show! approximately 40mm x..
Moldavite Faceted Gemstone, not often see in gemstone form approximate Size: 18.8mm x 9.2mm x 6.5cts..
Lovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light different colours can be se..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense is made of many natural herbs & resins in harmo..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This delightful bouquet of roses is delicately blended with ..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'An intriguing blend of rare floral oils and sandalwood, this..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense with it's natural ingredients and smooth long l..
Wooden jewel box with an agate inlaid lid. approximate size - 44mm(1""6/8) x high 69mm(2""6/8) wide..
Archangel A5 journal, contains a nice quality blank paper! approximate size: 210mm(8.2"") x 150mm(5..
Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..