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Black Agate Crystal Mala Beads New
Black Agate Crystal Mala BeadsBlack agate Crystal Mala Beads, 108 6-8mm beads for prayer & medit..
Rutilated Quartz Chunk New
Rutilated Quartz ChunkNice quality Quartz chunk with rutile inclusions, which are strands of titaniu..
Rutilated Quartz Chunk New
Rutilated Quartz ChunkNice quality Quartz chunk with rutile inclusions, which are strands of titaniu..
Rose Quartz Angel New
Rose Quartz AngelAngel hand carved from natural rose quartz originating from Brazil approximate siz..
Rose Quartz Angel New
Rose Quartz AngelAngel hand carved from natural rose quartz originating from Brazil approximate siz..
Sparkly Natural Sunstone Piece New
Sparkly Natural Sunstone PieceSparkly natural Sun Stone crystal piece, an inspiring, uplifting and j..
Vesuvianite Crystal Cluster Formation New
Vesuvianite Crystal Cluster FormationFine Vesuvianite crystals interwoven with this clustered exampl..
Vesuvianite Crystal Piece New
Vesuvianite Crystal PieceVesuvianite crystal formation, lovely example from Portola, Plumas County, ..
3 Blue Kyanite Blades New -50%
3 Blue Kyanite BladesBlue Kyanite crystal blades, a set of 3 slightly different sizes, from India ..
£9.99 £4.99
2 x Natural Lapis Lazuli Pieces New
2 x Natural Lapis Lazuli PiecesNatural chunk of lapis lazuli, it contains a mixture of pyrite and ca..
Jet Crystal Ball from MongoliaActual jet very rare in a sphere, slightly textured surface, originate..
Himalayan Herbs Incense 15gm PacksVedic Himalayan Herbs Incense such as nagarmotha, kapoor kachri, b..
Nyiri Lilac Amethyst Bed Out Of Stock
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny sparkly terminations only, very collectable from Nyiri ..
English Boracite Crystal, rarer specimen, comprised of magnesium borate, origin Boulby Mine, England..
Carrolite Matrix Out Of Stock
Carrolite crystal on matrix from Africa approximate size: 74mm(2.9") x 41mm(1.6") x 28mm(1.1")*actu..
Connellite Mineral Ireland Out Of Stock
Rare secondary copper mineral connellite, shades of blue from Waterford Ireland, named after Profess..
Jarosite Crystal Matrix Out Of Stock
Jarosite Crystal MatrixThis mineral has classic tiny crystals which reflect the light creating a spa..
Rhodochrosite Dusty Pink Crystal Specimen Out Of Stock
Rhodochrosite Dusty Pink Crystal SpecimenWell formed crystal formation of rhodocrosite, dusty pink c..
Gold on QuartzGold Nugget on Quartz, combination of quartz, gold, nice specimen, origin Frankfort Mi..
Celestine and Sulphur Crystal FormationRare, collectable combination of natural sulphur and celestin..
Pink Morganite Crystal Nice Colour Nice gorgeous pink morganite crystal, great feel from the Hi..
Vibrant Mexican Fire Agate Polished Face Out Of Stock
Natural vibrant piece of rare fire agate from Mexico with the top surface polished, lovely freeform ..
Gemmy Rose Quartz Out Of Stock
Gemmy Rose QuartzGemmy Rose Quartz Crystal Chunk. Rose quartz normally appears in larger seams and c..
Peridot Crystal Point FormationNatural Peridot classic green colour crystal formation from Supat Pak..
Hackmanite Crystal MatrixBright Hackmanite Crystal Matrix from near the Langham Afghanistan, really ..
Genuine Rainbow Herkimer Quartz Diamond Crystal Out Of Stock
Genuine Herkimer Quartz Diamond  Crystal, direct from the mine in the USA, lovely clear compact quar..
Disapore Crystal Piece from Turkey Out Of Stock
Disapore Crystal Piece from Turkey, rarer specimen, from Turkey approximate dimensions: 25mm x 23mm..
Blue dumortierite Quartz CrystalBlue dumortierite Quartz Crystal, nice deep powder blue in part of t..
Lapis Lazuli Polished Smooth WandPolished lapis lazuli wand, smooth shaped wand ideal for crystal ma..
Dark Green Tourmaline SliceGem Tourmaline Crystal slice from the Himalayas, dark green centre with a..
Multi Colour Classic Labradorite Dragons Egg Out Of Stock
Grade AA labradorite with a polished face surface, with a lovely classic range of  colours, inc..
Chunky Girasol Quartz Freeform ShapeGirasol quartz shape, hand polished, from Madagascar, ideal for..
Citrine Polished Point 33mm Out Of Stock
Citrine Polished Point 33mmCitrine polished point from Madagascar, clear stone with foil inclusions,..
Black Moonstone Polished Pebbles 27-31mmBlack moonstone pebble tumblestones, lovely quality black mo..
Chocolate Calcite Pattern Crystal SphereShades of brown calcite carefully carved and polished into a..
Part Clear and Milky Quartz Crystal Sphere from BrazilPart clear and Milky Quartz Crystal Ball from ..
Chlorite Trapezoid Quartz Gemstone from Brazil, the chlorite is the green vegetation type pattern wi..
Faceted dendritic Quartz gemstone from Brazil, dendrites are normally present when a manganese oxide..
Afghanistan Ruby Gemstone Out Of Stock
Lovely colour Afghanistan Ruby gemstone approximate Size: 5mm x 4mm 0.36 cts *actual item..
Fossil Coral Oval CabochonFossil Coral Cabochon from Indonesia, lovely natural patterns from the ori..
Lovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light different colours can be se..
Australian Opal Heart CabochonAustralian Boulder Opal Cabochon style cut, heart shape, gorgeous colo..
Blue Montana pear style cut Sapphire Gemstone - for Jewellery Making, from the USA approximately 7.4..
Drilled Rectangle Carnelian Agate - for Jewellery Making Out Of Stock
Drilled Rectangle Carnelian Agate - for Jewellery MakingRectangle carnelian Agate, lovely bright aga..
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon Freeform  - for Jewellery making -36%
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon Freeform  - for Jewellery makingLovely freeform cabochon shape of Me..
£28.00 £18.00
Kunzite Crystals Bag of 20 -25% Out Of Stock
A range of Kunzite Crystals. lovely natural light and darker purple pink colours, at least 20 pieces..
£40.00 £30.00
High Quality Himalayan Smokey Quartz Cluster, with double terminated crystals on the top as shown, a..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 98mm(3.8") x 38mm(..
Light Green Opal Pebble -37% Out Of Stock
Polished Madagascan light green opal, hand polished freeform pebbles, small unpolished patch 4-5mm, ..
£3.95 £2.50
Amethyst Chunk from BrazilAmethyst Chunk larger quartz part point with amethyst  inside, nice g..
Large Andean Opal Angel Out Of Stock
Carved Peruvian Large Andean Opal Angel, with amazing detail. approximately 202mm(8") x 80mm(3.1") ..
A large quartz Angel hand carved in Brasil, interesting quartz with inclusions, part polished textur..