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Preseli Bluestone Polished Stone Bracelet New
Preseli Bluestone Polished Stone BraceletThe well known, blue stone which is also part of stonehenge..
Blue dumortierite Quartz Crystal New
Blue dumortierite Quartz CrystalBlue dumortierite Quartz Crystal, nice deep powder blue in part of t..
Large Natural Moonstone New Out Of Stock
Large Natural Moonstone chunk from Indiaapproximate size: 172mm x 105mm x 66mm, weighing over 1.4kg*..
Garnet Cluster New
Andradite Garnet ClusterLovely formed garnet crystals together in this lovely cluster from Kharanapp..
Grandidierite Crystal New
Grandidierite CrystalNatural Grandidierite Crystal piece, fairly rare silicate crystal approximate ..
Rutile Crystal New
Rutile CrystalRutile Crystal, a unique fairly thick piece, at the right angle a fiery red brown colo..
Compact Quartz Diamond with Baby Crystal New
Compact Quartz Diamond with Baby CrystalNatural compact quartz, from the Himalaya's, a naturally occ..
Compact Clear Diamond Quartz New
Compact Clear Diamond QuartzCompact Diamond Clear Quartz, nice and sparkly with some rainbows from t..
Mexican Fire Agate Freeform Cabochon New -12%
Mexican Fire Agate Freeform CabochonLovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on t..
£26.00 £23.00
Mexican Fire Agate Gem New -21%
Mexican Fire Agate GemLovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light diffe..
£24.00 £19.00
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon - for Jewellery Designs -22%
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon - for Jewellery DesignsLovely large cabochon shape of Mexican Fire Opal, ..
£45.00 £35.00
Lapis Lazuli Bright Oval Larger PalmstoneCarved from Lapis Lazuli as shown, gorgeous bright lapis&nb..
Quality Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone as shown, a small Lapis Lazuli Palm Meditation, with nice colours,..
High Quality Lapis Lazuli Palm StoneCarved from high quality Lapis Lazuli as shown, a Lapis Lazuli..
Carved Lapis Lazuli Chunky FormCarved from a high quality Lapis Lazuli, with bright colours from Afg..
Natural Rose Quartz Chunk Out Of Stock
Natural Rose Quartz ChunkRose Quartz Crystal Chunk. gorgeous pink colour, classic rose quartz exampl..
Natural Rose Quartz Out Of Stock
Natural Rose QuartzRose Quartz Crystal Chunk. Rose quartz normally appears in larger seams and chunk..
Azurite Crystals with MalachiteAzurite Crystal with malachite on a rock matrix, nice powder and deep..
Danburite Crystal from MexicoDanburite crystal, from Mexico, gorgeous bright and with a clear point ..
Danburite CrystalDanburite Crystal with termination, lovely crystal partially clear from Mexico appr..
Bixbyite Crystal Rarer mineral, lovely cube like formation, a dark metallic colour, manganese oxide ..
Disapore Crystal Piece from Turkey, rarer specimen, from Turkey approximate dimensions: 25mm x 23mm ..
Cassiterite Crystal within Matrix Out Of Stock
Cassiterite Crystal within MatrixFormed cassiterite crystal within this feldspar and muscovite matri..
Crocoite ClusterCrocoite Cluster, a combination of vibrant orange brown thin crystals clustered toge..
Lovely Aegirine Crystal Specimen with small Zircon crystals from Zomba, Malawi approximate length: 5..
Bixbyite Crystal rarer mineral, lovely cube like formation, with a metallic colour, unusual manganes..
Vivianite Crystal Out Of Stock
Vivianite CrystalA rare mostly seen as a clear green mineral mineral which was named in 1817 by a We..
Connellite Mineral Ireland Out Of Stock
Rare secondary copper mineral connellite, shades of blue from Waterford Ireland, named after Profess..
Natural sapphire from Sril Lanka, with a pale blue tinge. approximate size: 16mm x 10mm x 7mm *actua..
Vanadinite Crystal Covered ClusterVanadinite Cluster, nicely formed crystals over parts of this rock..
Blue Beryl on Feldspar Out Of Stock
Blue Beryl on feldspar Matrix from the Himalayas approximate size: 70mm x 54mm x 50mm *actual item..
Cassiterite Crystal Matrix Out Of Stock
Cassiterite Crystal MatrixFormed cassiterite crystal formed on its matrix, a tin oxide, oreapproxima..
Large Candle Pineapple Quartz Point Out Of Stock
Large Candle Pineapple Quartz PointCandle Quartz or pineapple quartz, the name given to quartz where..
Moldavite Chunk Out Of Stock
Moldavite Chunknice piece of moldavite originating from the Moldau River valley in the Czech Rep. a..
Rose Quartz ChunkLarge Rose Quartz Crystal Chunk. Rose quartz normally appears in larger seams and c..
Natural Diamond CrystalNatural diamond crystal, small but well formed.  approximate size: 2.8m..
Carved from Madagascan amethyst. with a lightly polished surface to enhance the amethyst and ice lik..
Sodalite tumblestone with a carved & painted angel on one side, the other side has an angels nam..
Scolecite Patterned Palmstone Out Of Stock
Scolecite Patterned PalmstoneLovely polished white patterned scolecite palmstone, from India, a zeol..
K2 Stone Polished Freeform from the Himalayas A more recently available stone named after the region..
Star Ruby Crystal Ball 19mmStar Ruby Crystal Ball from India, called a star because the like reflect..
Gorgeous and big, polished piece of labradorite with greens, blues and golden colours all over incl..
Polished Hawks Eye Tumbled PebbleFrom Africa, freeform pebble with a high quality Hawks and Tiger Ey..
Large Citrine Polished Pebble Out Of Stock
Gorgeous larger and very clear citrine pebble, approximate size: 48mm x 36mm x 29mm *actual item s..
Lovely colours including shades of a plum colour, an inspiring mineral from Madagascar. approximate ..
Green Fluorite Crystal BallGreen Fluorite sphere, Madagascan hand carved. approximately 39mm high.*..
Celestite Cluster Crystal Ball Out Of Stock
Celestite Crystal BallLovely piece of celestite, nice blue colour, carved into a sphere shape with m..
Jasper Patterned PalmstoneLovely mineral patterns across the width and colours with opal like cloudy..
Yellow Green Ammolite Cabochon, unique triangular cut shape, colours more vivid than pictures can sh..
Sri Lankan Blue Moonstone Oval Cabochon, these special stones appear clear but have the blue colour ..
Sphene Drop Form Cabochon Gemstone, unique colour depth, freeform cut approximately 28mm x 15mm 38ct..
Ammolite cabochon, doublet, where the ammolite is supported by a mineral backing, bright red colours..
Nice colour Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly translucent, lovely colour. approximate si..
Shungite Crystal Sphere Out Of Stock
Shungite Crystal SphereRarer as a crystal ball, this solid shungite sphere is predominately black, l..
Floating Alpine Quartz Crystal Out Of Stock
Small but gorgeous floating quartz crystal from Mount Blanc, this quartz point is terminated. approx..
Nice Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly gemmy clear centre, lovely colour. approximate si..
Uvarovite Garnet Natural Matrix -33%
Uvarovite Garnet Natural MatrixSmall specimen of Uvarovite Garnet Matrix from Sarany Urals Russia, l..
£9.00 £6.00
Carved Peruvian Turquoise Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 95mm(3.7") x 34mm(1.3"..