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Watermelon Tourmaline Silver Pendant New
Watermelon Tourmaline Silver PendantStunning slice of Watermelon Tourmaline crystal, in a simple sil..
Actinolite Crystal Cluster New
Actinolite Crystal ClusterNatural actinolite crystal mineral cluster, sizable piece and good formati..
Perfect Black Tourmaline Crystal on Feldspar New
Perfect Black Tourmaline Crystal on FeldsparLovely black Tourmaline Crystal within a feldspar matrix..
Multi Tourmaline Crystals on Quartz New
Multi Tourmaline Crystals on QuartzMultiple black Tourmaline Crystals within a bright quartz point, ..
Green Quality Tourmaline Crystal on Quartz Matrix New
Green Quality Tourmaline Crystal on Quartz MatrixLovely quality green tourmalines crystal with good ..
Vivianite Crystal New
Vivianite CrystalA rare mostly seen as a clear green mineral mineral which was named in 1817 by a We..
Elite Shungite Piece New
Elite Shungite PieceRarer as elite shungite piece, nice size black and vibrantapproximate diameter: ..
Elite Shungite Crystal Piece New
Elite Shungite Crystal PieceRarer as elite shungite piece, nice size black and vibrantapproximate di..
Natural Tsavorite Green Garnet New
Natural Tsavorite Green Garnet Natural Tsavorite Garnet with graphite formation, the more sough..
Green Garnet Uvarovite New
Green Garnet UvaroviteLovely rarer larger specimen of Green Garnet from Sarany Urals Russia, lovely ..
Bi Colour Green Pink Tourmaline Crystal FormationLovely tourmaline terminated multiple crystal spray..
Cassiterite Crystal MineralRare well formed cassiterite crystal of good size, a tin oxide, ore, from..
Rare Himalayan Quartz Crystal with Oil Inclusion Out Of Stock
Clear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which will fluoresce under UV approximate size: ..
Bahianite CrystalSuper example of a rarer mineral, first discovered in the 1970's, normally only fou..
Yellow Orange Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Yellow Orange Zincite FormationBeautiful grown zincite formation, lovely yellow colour from Poland ..
Rare sizeable Childrenite Crystal, named after the keeper of crystals at the natural history museum,..
Natural Grandidierite Crystal, fairly rare silicate crystal approximate size: 17mm x 10mm x 7mm *ac..
Yellow Scapolite Crystal Specimen Out Of Stock
Yellow Scapolite Crystal SpecimenYellow Scapolite crystal, very clear and good termination, nice gol..
Artinite Crystal formationExample of a rarer mineral, named in 1902, fairly unique with various spra..
Gold on QuartzLovely specimen piece of Gold on Quartz, combination of quartz, gold, nice specimen, o..
Malachite after Azurite PseudomorphvUnique pseudomorph of malachite after azurite formation, the spe..
Gorgeous delicate appearing cluster of translucent amethyst crystal points, these point get a deeper..
Chunky Green Blue Kyanite Natural Crystal Out Of Stock
Chunky Green Blue Kyanite Natural CrystalSea green kyanite with blue tones,natural chunky crystal wa..
Stunning Papillion Labradorite Polished FaceLovely multicoloured labradorite with a polished surf..
Moldavite Specimen Out Of Stock
Moldavite Specimennice piece of moldavite originating from the Moldau River valley in the Czech Rep...
Botryoidal Chalcedony Piece, lovely pastel pink with darker shades and colours underneath, from Morr..
Nice clear Quartz Point, bright with multiple points and terminations towards one end, lots of natur..
Natural Himalayan Aquamarine Part CrystalNatural Aquamarine part crystal, sizeable aquamarine from P..
Multi Colour Classic Labradorite Dragons Egg Out Of Stock
Grade AA labradorite with a polished face surface, with a lovely classic range of  colours, inc..
Larger Quartz Palm StoneLarge chunky polished quartz freeform shape, hand polished, from Madagascar,..
Chunky Celestite Egg Out Of Stock
Chunky Celestite EggLovely sparkly blue celestite chunky egg, with a polished and shaped side and th..
Preseli Bluestone FreeformPreseli Bluestone Polished Freeform, stone from the area was used in the c..
Polished Tourmalinated Milky Quartz Point -20%
Polished Tourmalinated Milky Quartz PointPolished Milky Quartz tourmalinated Point, strands and spra..
£15.00 £12.00
Carribbean Calcite Palmstone Out Of Stock
Carribbean Calcite PalmstoneA relatively newer find and locality. Its acquired the 'carribean label'..
Natural Agate Polished PebbleLovely Madagascan natural agate as it should be with a high quality han..
Nice classic colour lapis heart, 2mm drilled hole towards the top centre for thread or jump ring set..
Faceted Pink Fluorite Gemstone Out Of Stock
Faceted Pink Fluorite Gemstone from the Himalayas approximately 20mm x 17mm x 28ct *actual item..
Ruby in Zoisite Oval CabochonLovely darker, red ruby and green zoisite mineral cabochon approximate ..
Dendritic Quartz Octagon Style Gemstone Out Of Stock
Faceted dendritic Quartz gemstone from Brazil, dendrites are normally present when a manganese oxide..
Sunstone Cabochon 8mm  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Sunstone Gemstone - for Jewellery making approximately 8mm x 6.6mm 1.625ct *actual item..
Phlogopite in Calcite cabochon style drop shape 42mm x 24mm..
Purple Agate Freeform Druzy Slice Out Of Stock
Lovely Purple Agate Freeform Druzy Slice, nice patterns can be seen, and a druzy centre. Final polis..
Blue Labradorite Oval Cabochon -49% Out Of Stock
Blue Labradorite Oval CabochonLabradorite oval cabochon, from Madagascar, a hint of blue colour. ap..
£4.95 £2.50
Sphene Drop Form Cabochon Gemstone, unique colour depth, freeform cut approximately 28mm x 15mm 38ct..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 94mm(3.7") x 36mm(..
Kunzite Crystals Bag of 3A range of Kunzite Crystals. lovely natural pink colours, 3 pieces in the b..
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon Freeform  - for Jewellery making -36%
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon Freeform  - for Jewellery makingLovely freeform cabochon shape of Me..
£28.00 £18.00
Light Green Opal Pebble -37% Out Of Stock
Polished Madagascan light green opal, hand polished freeform pebbles, small unpolished patch 4-5mm, ..
£3.95 £2.50
Green Opal Pebble 99grams Out Of Stock
Polished Madagascan green opal, hand polished freeform pebbles, naturally rough area 5-6mm at one en..
13 Quartz Part Points Out Of Stock
13 Quartz Part Points , with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quart..
Large Pink Rose Opal Angel Statue Out Of Stock
Large Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of intricate detail as shown approximately 20..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 96mm(3.8") x 38mm(..