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Deep Colour Sodalite New
Deep Colour SodaliteChunk of deep colour natural sodalite from Brazil approximate size: 80mm x 48mm ..
Labradorite Polished Freeform Palmstone New
Labradorite Polished Freeform PalmstoneLovely Labradorite polished on all surfaces, combined blue, g..
Labradorite Crystal Sphere 3.4cm New
Labradorite Crystal Sphere 3.4cmCarved from labradorite, better colours than the pic shows! blue and..
Stunning Gold and Blue with Purple Labradorite Polished Face New
Stunning Gold and Blue with Purple Labradorite Polished FaceGrade A labradorite with a polished c..
Natural Blue Calcite Polished Pebble New
Natural Blue Calcite Polished PebbleLovely blue calcite hand carved and polished into a tactile free..
Deep Colour Natural Sodalite Piece New
Deep Colour Natural Sodalite PieceChunk of deep colour sodalite from Brazil approximate size: 71mm x..
Natural Chevron Amethyst New Out Of Stock
Natural Chevron AmethystNice colour sizeable natural Amethyst chunk, lovely example of natural chevr..
Chunky Lapis Lazuli Piece New
Chunky Lapis Lazuli PieceChunky Lapis Lazuli Piece, predominately blue with pyrite and calcite from ..
Rough Natural Chevron Amethyst New
Rough Natural Chevron AmethystChunky natural Amethyst piece, natural chevron amethyst from Zambia A..
Celestite Polished Pebble New
Celestite Polished PebbleHand crafted and polished celestite chunky pebble, rare in this form due t..
Stunning Papillion Gold and Blue Labradorite Polished FaceGrade A labradorite with a polished cur..
Fulgurite Lightening Strike SilicaFulgurite Formation, created by a lightning strike on sand or rock..
English Hemimorphite Crystal SpecimenEnglish Hemimorphite Crystal Specimen, nice blue colour, from R..
Quartz Pseudomorph after ArfvedsoniteUnique pseudomorph of quartz after Arfvedsonite formation,..
Tanzania Pink Red Spinel CrystalPink Spinel Crystal Specimen, lovely pink red colour from Tanzania a..
Yellow Orange Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Yellow Orange Zincite FormationBeautiful grown zincite formation, lovely yellow colour from Poland ..
Cerussite Crystal Out Of Stock
Cerussite CrystalWell formed crystal of cerussite a lead carbonate mineral, from Morocco approximat..
Fluorellestadite on Blue Calcite From USA Out Of Stock
Fluorellestadite on Blue Calcite From USAGolden colour Fluorellestadite crystals over this Blue C..
Natural Pink Tourmaline Crystalpink tourmaline crystal, nice pink colour, great example from Paprok...
Painite Crystal Out Of Stock
Painite CrystalRare deep red colour crystal from Myanmar. approximate size: 6.5mm x 4.4mm x 4.4mm*a..
Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal SectionNatural Aquamarine crystal piece, nice sizeable good aquamarine ..
Blue Tip Tourmaline CrystalBlue Zone Tip Tourmaline Crystal, thicker crystal with zoning toward the ..
Brandberg Amethyst Crystal Cluster Out Of Stock
Brandberg Amethyst Crystal ClusterLovely example of a Brandberg amethyst from the Brandberg Mountain..
Alabandite crystal, rare crystal form from Merelani Hills, Arusha, Tanzania approximate size: 20mm ..
Hackmanite with RicteriteHackmanite mineral with ricterite, from near the Langham Afghanistan, the h..
A very chunky cross section of a natural ruby from Indian with interesting surface markings, you can..
Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Out Of Stock
Natural Black Tourmaline CrystalBlack Tourmaline Crystal, well formed good quality with a natural te..
Rough Chrysocolla From NamibiaRough chunk of chrysocolla with shattuckite, range of colours from Ka..
Orange Hematite within Quartz PointBeautiful Polished Clear Quartz with Hematite giving unique orang..
Rose Quartz Crystal Ball from Brazil over 5cmRose Quartz Crystal Ball carved and polished from natur..
Citrine Faceted Point  49mmCitrine polished and faceted point from Madagascar, gorgeous clean a..
Carribbean Calcite Crystal Ballsizeable mostly blue in colour with brown rings and geode type openin..
Sunstone PalmstoneSunstone large chunky palmstone, an inspiring, uplifting and joyful stone. Great s..
Speckled Blue Grey Jasper Crystal Ball Out Of Stock
Speckled Blue Grey Jasper Crystal BallUnusual and unique rare blue , grey and red brown and brown sh..
Large Labradorite tumblestones 33-43mm Out Of Stock
Large Labradorite tumblestones 33-43mmnatural high quality labradorite hand polished to bring out th..
Smokey Quartz Point Chlorite Phantom TowerBeautiful rich tones of Smokey Quartz with an internal ch..
Moissanite Faceted GemstoneMoissanite Faceted Gemstone, bright shiny and colourful sizeable gem app..
Iron and Dendrite Quartz Gemstone from Brazil, iron is within the quartz varying in yellow intensity..
Faceted Lepidocrocite in Quartz Gemstone - for Jewellery makingUnusual and stunning to look at, a li..
Blue Lace Agate 18 x 13mm Cabochon Out Of Stock
Blue Lace Agate 18 x 13mm CabochonLovely oval cabochon of blue lace agate from Africa,approximate Si..
Pyrite Cabochon  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Freeform polished Pyrite cabochon style from Peru. Lovely two tone coloured patterns. approximately..
Natural Agate Freeform Druzy SlicesLovely natural Agate Freeform Druzy Slice, nice patterns can be s..
Set of 2 Purple Agate Druzy Freeform SliceLovely Blue & Purple Agate Druzy Freeform Slice, nice ..
Quartz With Iron Oval Cabochon,Lovely quartz with iron inclusions producing a red brown pattern and ..
Mexican Fire Agate Gem -21%
Mexican Fire Agate GemLovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light diffe..
£24.00 £19.00
Pale Hiddenite Green Kunzite -56% Out Of Stock
Pale Hiddenite Green KunzitePale Hiddenite Green Kunzite from the Himalaya region, approximate len..
£25.00 £11.00
Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 98mm(3.8") x 40mm(1..
Quality Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball 61mm Out Of Stock
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball, with pyrite and white calcite, mostly rich blue patches of colour with py..
3 Blue Kyanite Blades -50%
3 Blue Kyanite BladesBlue Kyanite crystal blades, a set of 3 slightly different sizes, from India ..
£9.99 £4.99
K2 Smooth WandPolished K2 hand shaped wand, shaped wand ideal for crystal massage, lovely size wand,..
Light Green Opal Pebble -37% Out Of Stock
Polished Madagascan light green opal, hand polished freeform pebbles, small unpolished patch 4-5mm, ..
£3.95 £2.50
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon - for Jewellery Designs -22% Out Of Stock
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon - for Jewellery DesignsLovely large cabochon shape of Mexican Fire Opal, ..
£45.00 £35.00