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Libyan Desert Glass Impactite New
Libyan Desert Glass Impactitenice piece of Libyan desert glass, good clarity originating from Libya...
Natural Enhydro Brandberg Amethyst Crystal New
Natural Enhydro Brandberg Amethyst CrystalLovely super size Brandberg pale amethyst from the Brandbe..
Chunky Imperial Topaz Twin Crystal Brazil New
Chunky Imperial Topaz Twin Crystal BrazilNatural golden Imperial Topaz crystal, nice chunky classic ..
Imperial Topaz from Brazil New
Imperial Topaz from BrazilNatural golden Imperial Topaz crystal, nice classic colour and glassy like..
Prophecy Stone Pseudomorph New
Prophecy Stone PseudomorphA type of pseudomorph, where an original mineral has been replaced by anot..
Prophecy Stone New Out Of Stock
Prophecy StoneA type of pseudomorph, where an original mineral has been replaced by another keeping ..
Natural Andean Pink Opal New
Natural Andean Pink OpalLovely colour pink Andean opal from Peru. Classic pink colours, majority opa..
Hydrogrossular Green Garnet New Out Of Stock
Hydrogrossular Green GarnetLovely chunky formation of green garnet, from Afghanistan lovely green ..
Moroccan Agate Multi Nodule Formation New
Moroccan Agate Multi Nodule FormationNatural Moroccan agate brown to grey in colour this is a natura..
Golden Crown Mango Quartz Cluster New
Golden Crown Mango Quartz ClusterLovely distinctive clear quartz bright points with mango coloured t..
Chunky Clear Quartz Point with ChevronsChunky Clear Quartz Point, nice larger than handy size, with ..
Quartz Crystals Clustered on Killas from CornwallPredominately milky white quartz points over this m..
Quartz with Water Melon and Green Tourmaline CrystalsQuartz chunk with tourmaline crystals, 1 a wate..
Orange Brown Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Orange Brown ZinciteBeautiful grown zincite formation, lovely orange colour from Poland approximate..
Brookite Crystal Out Of Stock
Brookite CrystalSuperb Brookite Crystal, nice size and formation, from Kharan approximate size: 35m..
Connellite on Quartz with Tourmaline MineralRare secondary copper mineral connellite, on this rare e..
Natural Chrysoprase Chunky SeamSuperb specimen piece of chrysoprase, you can see the windows of appl..
Arfvedsonite Quartz Pseudomorph Out Of Stock
Arfvedsonite Quartz PseudomorphUnique pseudomorph of quartz after Arfvedsonite formation, the s..
Brookite Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Brookite Crystal Formation, several brookite crystals interwoven, from the Kharan approximate size:..
Smokey Quartz with Water Melon Tourmaline CrystalsStunning smokey quartz point with multiple self he..
Yellow Fluorite Cube Crystal ClusterNatural formation of a yellow fluorite cube crystals clear towar..
Dusty Pink Botryoidal Chalcedony Cave Out Of Stock
Dusty Pink Botryoidal Chalcedony Cave, lovely pastel pink with darker colours underneath, from Morro..
Tanzanite Crystal PieceTanzania crystal chunk from...Tanzania lovely colour, sizeable piece. Unheate..
Larimar SliceLarimar Freeform cut slice, lovely classic blue and powder blue colours and patterns of..
Azurite Crystal in Matrix Out Of Stock
Azurite Crystal in MatrixAzurite Crystal in a stone matrix, lovely larger azurite ball disc with a b..
Thick Polished Polychrome  JasperChunk of natural poly chrome jasper originating from Madagasca..
Chevron AmethystA lovely combination of amethyst and quartz in this cheveron amethyst piece from Bra..
Columbite Crystal FormationColumbite Crystal Formation, a niobium ore, quite a dense feeling stone, ..
K2 Polished Freeform TumblestoneK2 freeform polished larger tumblestone  curved sides with a fl..
Carnelian Crystal SphereLovely polished Madagascan carnelian, with a hand polished surface, nice and..
Lovely carved quartz pentacle approximate height: 21mm(7/8"") *sample item shown*..
Nice Colour Pink Rose Quartz polished Heart, approximate size: 48mm x 53mm x 22mm *actual item show..
Feldspar and Smokey Quartz Freeform PalmstoneLovely cream colour feldspar with smokey quartz speckle..
Rutilated Quartz Pebble LensCarved from gorgeous Brazilian Clear Quartz with rutile inclusions throu..
Amethyst Crystal SphereA crystal ball carved from Brasilian amethyst with a lovely pastel shade and ..
Sunstone PalmstoneA chunky Sun Stone Palmstone, an inspiring an joyful stone. Original mineral from ..
Freeform polished Pyrite cabochon style from Peru. Lovely two tone colours. approximately 26mm x 21..
Quartz With Iron Drop Cabochon Out Of Stock
Quartz With Iron Drop Cabochon,Lovely quartz with iron inclusions producing a red brown pattern and ..
Faceted Blue John Gemstone  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Faceted Blue John Fluorite Gemstone, from England approximate size 8.5mm x 14.5mm 7.5ct *actual ite..
Sphene Drop Form Cabochon Gemstone, unique colour depth, freeform cut approximately 28mm x 15mm 38ct..
Chlorite Trapezoid Quartz Gemstone from Brazil, the chlorite is the green vegetation type pattern wi..
tourmaline baguette, classic style, light sea green in colour approximately 17mm x 4.8mm - 3.4ct *ac..
Serendibite Gemstone Out Of Stock
Serendibite Oval Gemstone - for Jewellery Making, from Sri Lanka approximately 9mm x 6mm x 1.9ct *ac..
Sheen Obsidian Cabchon  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Sheen Obsidian drop shape Cabchon, ideal for setting as a pendant necklace. approximately 29mm x 16m..
Floating Alpine Quartz Crystal Out Of Stock
Small but gorgeous floating quartz crystal from Mount Blanc, this quartz point is terminated. approx..
Carved Peruvian fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 90mm(3.5") x 38mm(1.5")..
3 Blue Kyanite Blades -52% Out Of Stock
3 Blue Kyanite BladesBlue Kyanite crystal blades, a set of 3 slightly different sizes, from India ..
£10.50 £4.99
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 100mm(3.9") x 40mm..
Immortal Carved PendantGorgeous Chinese 'immortal' pendant. Light Serpentine stone. Drilled 1-2mm ho..
Holy Ice Clean Quartz with Iron Out Of Stock
Holy Ice Clean Quartz with IronQuartz Chunk, cleaved from the massive seam quartz formation as oppos..
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon Freeform  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
Lovely freeform cabochon shape of Mexican Fire Opal, in this form often called cantera approximate S..
Lovely freeform cabochon shape of Mexican Fire Opal, in this form often called cantera. Lovely colou..