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Galena with Fluorite Crystal Matrix New
Galena with Fluorite Crystal matrixA variety of size crystals on this combined matrix of galena and ..
Barite Crystal Cluster Wet Grooves Mine England New
Barite Crystal Cluster Wet Grooves Mine EnglandWell formed Barite plumes over this matrix from the W..
Multiple Quartz Crystal Seam New
Multiple Quartz Crystal SeamMultiple Quartz Crystal seam cluster, lovely delicate in appearance rows..
Yellow Fluorite Cube Crystal Cluster New
Yellow Fluorite Cube Crystal ClusterNatural formation of a yellow fluorite cube crystals clear towar..
Yellow Fluorite Cluster New
Yellow Fluorite ClusterNatural formation of a yellow fluorite cube crystals, from Bonsall Mine, Derb..
Larger Cinnabar Mineral New
Larger Cinnabar MineralNatural mercury on cinnabar mineral formation from Spain approximate size: 65..
Brucite Crystal New
Brucite Crystal rarer mineral, bright yellow version of Brucite, the bright yellow colour zones towa..
Specularite Hematite Crystal Matrix New
Specularite Hematite Crystal MatrixNatural Hematite crystal formation, a much rarer form of hematite..
Large Vivianite Crystal Spray within Fossil Shell New
Large Vivianite Crystal Spray within Fossil ShellA rarer phosphate mineral often seen as a clear gre..
Green Fluorspar with Chalcopyrite - Cornwall New
Green Fluorspar with Chalcopyrite - CornwallGeevor Mine Green Fluorspar crystals on a chalcopyrite m..
Brandberg Amethyst Crystal Phantom PointLovely example of a Brandberg amethyst from the Brandberg Mo..
Brandberg Amethyst Crystal PointLovely example of a Brandberg amethyst from the Brandberg Mountains ..
Baryte Crystal within Geode Matrix Out Of Stock
Baryte Crystal within Geode MatrixUnique baryte crystal, within a geode type matrix from Devon Engla..
Rare Quartz Crystal with Oil Inclusion Out Of Stock
Rare Quartz Crystal with Oil InclusionClear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which will ..
Sri Lankan Translucent Blue Sapphire Crystal Out Of Stock
Sri Lankan Translucent Blue Sapphire CrystalGorgeous Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire Crystal, lovely varyin..
Epidote Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Epidote Crystal FormationEpidote crystal formation multiple crystal intertwined, accompanied by some..
Pink Tourmaline Pieces2 small pink tourmaline piece, nice deep pink colour, ideal for therapy or to ..
Gold on QuartzGold Nugget on Quartz, combination of quartz, gold, nice specimen, origin Frankfort Mi..
Jarosite Crystal Matrix Out Of Stock
Jarosite Crystal MatrixThis mineral has classic tiny crystals which reflect the light creating a spa..
Enstatite Natural Crystal Out Of Stock
Enstatite Natural CrystalNatural enstatite crystal, well formed, fairly rare stone, lovely transluce..
Black Dark Amber Nugget Out Of Stock
Black Amber Nugget, a darker shade of natural amber, this piece is very dark.approximate size: 56mm ..
Chalcedony Growth Formation, lovely pastel pink with darker shades and colours, crystal formations g..
Natural Tanzanite Crystal Out Of Stock
Natural Tanzania crystal  from...Tanzania, the transparent upper part of the crystal is a sign that ..
Citrine Crystal PointTotally natural citrine crystal from The Congo Africaapproximate size: 47mm x 2..
Botryoidal Geode of Morrocan Chalcedony, unusual internal growths forming within this geode, predomi..
Cobaltoan Calcite Out Of Stock
Cobaltoan CalciteLovely cobalt calcite crystal formation, rich pink well formed sizeable crystals th..
Emerald Crystal in MatrixGorgeous bright green natural emerald crystal matrix, with a large emeral..
Russian Astrophyllite Formation Out Of Stock
Russian Astrophyllite FormationAstrophyllite Formation, has the sparkle factor with shades of a..
Labradorite Polished Heart Out Of Stock
Nice colourful labradorite heart, better colours than the camera captured. approximate size: 38mm x..
Carribbean Calcite Crystal Ballsizeable mostly blue in colour with brown rings and geode type openin..
Good Quality Madani Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball 36mmLapis Lazuli Crystal Ball, with pyrite and white c..
Dark Sugilite Freeform TumblestoneDark freeform Sugilite tumblestone,  shades.approximate size:..
Brazilian Clear Quartz PalmstoneCarved from Brazilian quartz as shown approximate size :- 65.5mm(2...
Predominately Blue Labradorite Standing Polished Face -12%
Predominately Blue Labradorite Standing Polished FaceNice grade labradorite with a polished face sur..
£33.00 £28.95
A Mangano Calcite sphere from the Himalayas, from this region the mineral has a lighter brighter app..
Carribbean Calcite Crystal SphereMostly blue in colour with a brown colour area and geode type openi..
Bag of Cabochons and Gemstones  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
A ranges of gemstones, majority cabochons, some faceted gems, ideal for a low cost way of practicing..
Lovely oval cabochon of Malachite, with classic patterns and lighter colour from the Congo, approxim..
Champagne Topaz Faceted Gemstone approximate size 16mm x 14mm x 1mm deep x 20ct sizeable gemstone l..
Ruby in Fuchsite Cabochon Out Of Stock
Lovely colours of red ruby and green fuchsite in this lovely cabochon approximate Size: 39mm x 26mm ..
Titanium Yellow Coloured Druzy Quartz Drop ShapeLovely drop shape of titanium and yellow coloured dr..
Titanium Pink Silver Druzy Quartz Drop Shape Out Of Stock
Lovely freeform shape of titanium Coloured Druzy Quartznice bright colour. cut edge to help with set..
Gorgeous Tourmalinated Quartz from Brazil, lots of tourmaline within this cabochon, complete with ra..
Pale Hiddenite Green Kunzite -56% Out Of Stock
Pale Hiddenite Green KunzitePale Hiddenite Green Kunzite from the Himalaya region, approximate len..
£25.00 £11.00
Nice Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly gemmy clear centre, lovely colour. approximate si..
Floating Alpine Quartz Crystal Out Of Stock
Small but gorgeous floating quartz crystal from Mount Blanc, this quartz point is terminated. approx..
Holy Ice Clean Quartz Chunk Out Of Stock
Holy Ice Clean Quartz ChunkQuartz Chunk, cleaved from the massive seam quartz formation as opposed f..
Freeform Labradorite Drop Cabochon -46% Out Of Stock
A lovely Labradorite freeform cabochon drop style stone. Slight chip toward to of the stone, barely..
£12.00 £6.50
Labradorite Drop Shop Cabochon 22mm -46% Out Of Stock
Labradorite cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the picture can show!approximately 33mm x ..
£12.00 £6.50
Dendritic Manganese Quartz Pebble, hand polished, lovely leaf like manganese patterns appearing in w..
Larger Carnelian Crystal BallLovely polished Madagascan carnelian, with a bright polished and classi..