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Red Beryl Bixbite Crystal New
Red Beryl Bixbite Crystal rarer mineral, lovely red colour crystals partly hiding in this matrix, fr..
Great Colour Aquamarine Crystals x 3 New Out Of Stock
Great Colour Aquamarine Crystals x 3Super green blue clear colour aquamarine crystals x 3 from the H..
Green Apophyllite Crystal Formation New
Green Apophyllite Crystal FormationLovely green Apophyllite crystal formation from Poona India, rar..
Rare Quartz Crystal with Petroleum Inclusion New
Rare Quartz Crystal with Petroleum InclusionClear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which..
3 Lemurian Quartz Natural Crystal Points New
3 Lemurian Quartz Natural Crystal PointsGorgeous clear Lemurian Quartz Crystal Points, set of 3, lov..
Ruby with Zoisite New
Ruby with ZoisiteCombination of Ruby with zoisite, deep red ruby with natural markings encased with ..
Ruby in Zoisite Crystal formation New
Ruby crystal within Zoisite formationRuby in Zoisite Crystal formation, lovely gorgeous deep red rub..
Natural Ruby with Zoisite New
Natural Ruby with ZoisitePiece of natural deep colour ruby within zoisiteapproximate size: 23mm x 18..
Ruby in Zoisite New
Ruby in ZoisiteRuby crystal within zoisite, natural deep colour ruby occurring in a zoisite formatio..
Dioptase Matrix New
Dioptase MatrixDioptase Matrix from Africa, from green to deep green crystals across this mineral br..
Dioptase Crystal on MatrixDioptase Crystal on Matrix from Africa, bright green crystals clustered to..
Dioptase Crystal FormationGorgeous green dioptase crystal formation, from Africa, crystalised with s..
Small Boracite Crystal MatrixBoracite Crystal, rarer specimen, comprised of magnesium borate, lovely..
Langite Mineralrarer mineral, shades of blue from Tankardstown mine, Knockmahon, Bonmahon Co. W..
Scolecite Cluster Out Of Stock
Lovely Scolecite Cluster Crystal Specimen from India approximate length: 43mm x 28mm x 25mm *remem..
Celestine Twin Crystal FormationRare, collectable twin celestine crystal one larger and the other at..
Bixbyite Crystal rarer mineral, lovely cube like formation, with a metallic colour, a manganese oxid..
Connellite Mineral Ireland Out Of Stock
Rare secondary copper mineral connellite, shades of blue from Waterford Ireland, named after Profess..
Lovely natural green Sphene crystal specimen with chlorite coating, nice colour from Skardu, Pakista..
Deep Blue Tourmaline CrystalGorgeous chunky tourmaline crystal with an amazing deep blue top, almost..
Natrolite Crystal Zeolite Out Of Stock
Natrolite Crystal ZeoliteNatrolite crystal, a unique single crystal of the zeolite group of alu..
Apophyllite ClusterApophyllite cluster, lovely clear sparkly points overgrown on a small base from ..
Quartz Cluster from Cornwall Out Of Stock
Quartz Cluster from Cornwallpredominately white quartz points in this cluster, great example from th..
Madagascan Blue Sapphire Crystal Out Of Stock
Nautral blue sapphire crystal, classic shape, from Madagascar approximate size: 21mm x 14mm x 11mm ..
Fluorite with Tourmaline Erongo NamibiaDeep purple fluorite with tourmaline, areas of combined fluor..
Badakhshan Blue Sapphire CrystalBadakhshan Blue Sapphire Crystal, classic crystal Badakhshan, blue w..
Blue Hemimorphite Rectangle Out Of Stock
Blue Hemimorphite RectangleBlue Hemimorphite cut crystal Piece, nice powder blue colour,approximate ..
Columbite Crystal FormationColumbite Crystal Formation, a niobium ore, quite a dense feeling stone, ..
Blue Apatite shape, shaped and part polished with a textured finish, ideal for meditation, from Braz..
Rutile Quartz Pebble LensCarved from gorgeous Brazilian Clear Quartz with rutile inclusions, nice co..
Small Clear Quartz AngelSmall pocket size angel hand carved from natural clear quartz originating fr..
Larger Carnelian Crystal Ball Out Of Stock
Larger Carnelian Crystal BallLovely polished Madagascan carnelian, with a bright polished and classi..
Dolphin Carved on Clear Quartz, lovely clear quartz with a carved dolphin on one side, with a lovely..
Rhodonite Polished Freeform Out Of Stock
Gorgeous polished Rhodonite freeform, nice contrasting black and bright pink colours. can stand on i..
Star Ruby Crystal Ball from India, called a star because the like reflects from the surface in a sta..
Brazilian Rose Crystal Sphere Out Of Stock
An lovely quality rose Brazilian crystal ball with  partially clear areas where you can see i..
Lovely patterns in this natural agate from Madagascar, nice patterns can be seen, approximate Size: ..
Heliodor Gemstone, a variety of yellow golden beryl from Brazil approximately 8mm x 5.3mm x 1.28ct *..
Faceted Blue Euclase Gemstone, from Zimbabwe approximate size 10mm x 9mm 5.5ct *actual item..
Orbicular Jasper Cabochon, unique freeform shape approximately 55mm x 22mm *actual item carved from ..
Labradorite Oval CabochonLabradorite oval cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the picture ..
Afghanistan Ruby Gemstone Out Of Stock
Lovely colour Afghanistan Ruby gemstone approximate Size: 5mm x 4mm 0.36 cts *actual item..
Green Ammolite Freeform Cabochon Out Of Stock
ammolite freeform cabochon, lovely range of light and dark green colours, with a couple of small col..
Dendritic Pale Rose Quartz GemstoneA pale rose quartz with Dendrite inclusions from Brazil, the dend..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 100mm(3.9") x 40mm..
Carved Pink Rhodocrosite Angel Out Of Stock
Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 100mm(3.9") x 36mm(..
Shungite Crystal Sphere Out Of Stock
Shungite Crystal SphereRarer as a crystal ball, this solid shungite sphere is predominately black, l..
Grade AA labradorite with a polished surface, deep blues, purple, silver, gold, flat base enables an..
Sunstone Gemstone - for Jewellery making approximately 20mm x 12mm 15ct *actual item..
Grade AA labradorite with a polished surface, predominately golden in colour with some yellow, blue ..
Carved Peruvian Large Deep Purple Fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 57mm(..
Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 98mm(3.8") x 40mm(1..