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Deep Colour Sodalite New
Deep Colour SodaliteChunk of deep colour natural sodalite from Brazil approximate size: 80mm x 48mm ..
Labradorite Polished Freeform Palmstone New
Labradorite Polished Freeform PalmstoneLovely Labradorite polished on all surfaces, combined blue, g..
Labradorite Crystal Sphere 3.4cm New
Labradorite Crystal Sphere 3.4cmCarved from labradorite, better colours than the pic shows! blue and..
Stunning Gold and Blue with Purple Labradorite Polished Face New
Stunning Gold and Blue with Purple Labradorite Polished FaceGrade A labradorite with a polished c..
Natural Blue Calcite Polished Pebble New
Natural Blue Calcite Polished PebbleLovely blue calcite hand carved and polished into a tactile free..
Deep Colour Natural Sodalite Piece New
Deep Colour Natural Sodalite PieceChunk of deep colour sodalite from Brazil approximate size: 71mm x..
Natural Chevron Amethyst New Out Of Stock
Natural Chevron AmethystNice colour sizeable natural Amethyst chunk, lovely example of natural chevr..
Chunky Lapis Lazuli Piece New
Chunky Lapis Lazuli PieceChunky Lapis Lazuli Piece, predominately blue with pyrite and calcite from ..
Rough Natural Chevron Amethyst New
Rough Natural Chevron AmethystChunky natural Amethyst piece, natural chevron amethyst from Zambia A..
Celestite Polished Pebble New
Celestite Polished PebbleHand crafted and polished celestite chunky pebble, rare in this form due t..
Stunning Papillion Gold and Blue Labradorite Polished FaceGrade A labradorite with a polished cur..
Fulgurite Lightening Strike SilicaFulgurite Formation, created by a lightning strike on sand or rock..
Sizeable Danburite Encased in Calcite Crystals Out Of Stock
Sizeable Danburite Encased in Calcite CrystalsLovely large danburite crystal formation surrounded by..
Rare Grandidierite Mineral Out Of Stock
Rare Grandidierite MineralNatural Grandidierite mineral piece, a fairly rare silicate crystal appro..
Mimetite Mineral FormationNatural rare mimetite mineral from Brazil. Lovely grass green crystalised ..
Barite Crystal Cluster Dorset EnglandWell formed spray of small light brown Barite crystal formation..
Alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal Out Of Stock
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:14mm x 11mm x 4mm*actual item..
Black Spinel Crystal Out Of Stock
Black Spinel CrystalBlack Spinel Crystal Specimen, a black spinel crystal hiding under some iron oxi..
Rare Quartz Crystal with Petroleum InclusionClear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which..
Deep Orange Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Deep Orange ZinciteBeautiful grown zincite formation, lovely deep orange brown colour from Poland a..
Vanadinite Crystals on Barite MineralBarite Crystal formation hosting vanadinite crystals scattered ..
Fine Schorl Crystal Cluster from Cornwall Out Of Stock
Fine Schorl Crystal Cluster from CornwallSchorl (from the tourmaline group of minerals) fine crystal..
Childrenite Crystals Feldspar Matrix Out Of Stock
Childrenite Crystals MatrixChildrenite Crystals, on this Feldspar matrix, named after the keeper of ..
Gem Rose QuartzGemmy Rose Quartz Crystal Chunk. pink blancmange colour with  part transparent f..
Pink Tourmaline Crystals MatrixPink Tourmaline Crystals Matrix, natural chunky deep colour bright gl..
Sturmanite Specimen Formation Out Of Stock
Sturmanite Specimen FormationNatural Sturmanite formation from N'Chwaning II Mine, Kalahari Manganes..
Mexican Chalcedony Quartz GeodeChalcedony Quartz Geode Formation, cut evenly producing bright druzy ..
Chunky Aquamarine Crystal with MicaNatural Aquamarine crystal chunk, sizable piece, nice deeper blue..
Brazilian Clear Quartz PalmstoneCarved from Brazilian quartz as shown approximate size :- 65.5mm(2...
Pink Clinozoisite Polished Centrepiece Out Of Stock
Pink Clinozoisite CentrepieceGorgeous polished Larger pink clinozoisite Centrepiece, nice contrastin..
Polished Petrified Wood SlicePetrified wood slice final bright polished both sides with the outer ed..
Green Aventurine Crystal Sphere 46mmGreen aventurine crystal ball, variation in colour across the sp..
Brown Aragonite Palm StoneLovely distinctive oval palmstone, with a speckled surface and a fewgeode ..
Chocolate Calcite Pattern Crystal SphereShades of brown calcite carefully carved and polished into a..
Septaria Crystal SphereSeptarian Crystal Ball from Madagascar, a combination of matrix and yellow co..
Brazilian Blue Apatite FreeformBlue Apatite shape, shaped and lightly polished with a textured finis..
Lovely oval cabochon of Malachite, with classic patterns and lighter colour from the Congo, approxim..
Drilled Petrified Wood Rectangle - for Jewellery MakingDrilled petrified wood, for jewellery makers,..
Bag of Cabochons and Gemstones  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
A ranges of gemstones, majority cabochons, some faceted gems, ideal for a low cost way of practicing..
Iron and Dendrite Quartz Gemstone from Brazil, iron is within the quartz varying in yellow intensity..
Labradorite Cabochon 26mm Out Of Stock
Labradorite cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the picture can show! approximately 26mm x..
Ruby in Zoisite Oval Cabochon 18x13Lovely darker, red ruby and green zoisite mineral cabochon approx..
Lovely colour Afganistan Lapis Lazuli Large Faceted Oval approximately 34mm x 22mm x 51ct *actual it..
Golden Labradorite Oval Cabochon Out Of Stock
Labradorite Oval CabochonLabradorite oval cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the picture ..
Carved from Brazilian milky quartz, 6 faces, stunning large quartz point ideal for a centre piece or..
Faceted Watermelon Tourmalinewatermelon colours pink and green tourmaline, gorgeously clear with a f..
Kunzite Crystals Bag of 20 -25% Out Of Stock
A range of Kunzite Crystals. lovely natural light and darker purple pink colours, at least 20 pieces..
£40.00 £30.00
Alpine Floating Quartz Point Out Of Stock
Small but gorgeous floating quartz crystal from Mount Blanc, this quartz point is terminated. approx..
Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 98mm(3.8") x 40mm(1..
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon Freeform  - for Jewellery making -36%
Mexican Fire Opal Cabochon Freeform  - for Jewellery makingLovely freeform cabochon shape of Me..
£28.00 £18.00
A large quartz Angel hand carved in Brasil, interesting quartz with inclusions, part polished textur..