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Rose Quartz Heart New -9%
Nice Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly gemmy clear centre, lovely colour. approximate si..
£11.99 £10.90
Chunky Rose Quartz Heart New -9%
 Rose Quartz HeartNice and pink deep colour rose quartz chunky heart approximate size: 49mm x ..
£12.00 £10.90
Chunky Whitby Jet Piece New -15%
Chunky Whitby JetNatural chunky jet piece from Whitby, Yorkshire, probably the most known location f..
£6.50 £5.50
Whitby Jet Piece New -19% Out Of Stock
Whitby JetNatural jet piece from Whitby, Yorkshire, probably the most known location for jet especia..
£4.95 £4.00
Deep Blue Tourmaline Crystal New -6%
Deep Blue Tourmaline CrystalGorgeous chunky tourmaline crystal with an amazing deep blue top, almost..
£48.00 £45.00
Cavansite Coated Stilbite Crystal Matrix New
Cavansite Coated Stilbite CrystalsAppears like gorgeous cavansite crystals were sprinkled over stilb..
Black Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Multiple Terminations New
Black Tourmaline Cathedral Style Multiple TerminationsBlack Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Multiple Termin..
Black Tourmaline Shiny Terminated Crystal New
Black Tourmaline Shiny Terminated CrystalBlack Tourmaline Shiny Terminated Crystal, from Kharan..
Black Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Twin Terminations New
Black Twin Tourmaline CrystalBlack Tourmaline Twin Crystal Terminations, from Kharan ,nice term..
Small Labradorite Crystal Sphere 3.5cm New -33%
Carved from labradorite, better colours than the pic shows! predominately flashes of blues.approxima..
£7.50 £5.00
Pink Clinozoisite Polished Centrepiece -7%
Pink Clinozoisite CentrepieceGorgeous polished Larger pink clinozoisite Centrepiece, nice contrastin..
£58.00 £54.00
Labradorite Colourful Centrepiece -7%
Labradorite CentrepieceColourful polished piece of labradorite with greens, blues and golden colours..
£95.00 £88.00
Lilac and Purple Sugilite Bustamite Freeform -10%
Lilac and Purple Sugilite Bustamite FreeformPolished rare freeform Sugilite, patches and speckles of..
£20.00 £18.00
Lilac and Deep Purple Sugilite Freeform -11%
Lilac and Deep Purple Sugilite FreeformPolished rare freeform Sugilite, patches and speckles of lila..
£18.00 £16.00
High Quality Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone -7%
Carved from high quality Lapis Lazuli as shown, a Lapis Lazuli Palm Meditation, with deep colours,..
£15.00 £13.95
Amethyst Crystal Pineapple Top Uruguayan Out Of Stock
Amethyst Crystal Pineapple from Uruguay Lovely colour amethyst from Uruguay, unique amethyst be..
Bright Colourful AmethystLovely colour amethyst from Uraguay, unique amethyst bed with very little m..
 Large Fuschite HeartNice range of colour and patterns, hand arved chunky heart, gorgeous spark..
Pink Calcite Sphere 76mm -12%
Pink Calcite Sphere 76mm lovely pink xolour throughout, with the crystal lines visible, curved ..
£42.00 £37.00
Pink Calcite Sphere -11%
Mangano Pink Calcite spherelovely pink xolour throughout, with the crystal lines visible, small 9mm ..
£28.00 £24.95
Smithsonite Natural Yellow Green Formation, from Sheshodonnell Mine, Ireland approximate size: 26mm..
Rare Blue Euclase Mineral Piece Out Of Stock
Rare Euclase Mineral, deep blue from Zimbabweapproximate size:11mm x 9mm x 8mm*actual item..
Quartz with Riebeckite. Lovely quartz with Riebeckite growing through it, very sparkly surface, fro..
Roselite Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Roselite crystal formation, rarer specimen, often gets mispelt, origin Bou Azzer District, Tazenhakt..
Brookite Crystal, nice size, from the Kharan approximate size: 34mm x 28mm x 2.5mm *actual item..
Nice part cube crystal piece, part transparent, stronger blue colour when backlit, origin Elbolton M..
Double Terminated Cathedral Quartz Style Crystal Formation, a longer double terminated quartz crysta..
Chunky Lemurian Style Bright Clear Quartz Point , with natural striations and markings,the odd scrap..
Natural piece of lapis lazuli, it contains some pyrite and calcite, clearly shows the mineral layers..
Lovely colour mint green mineral opal. colour then goes lighter towards the edge, nice chunkier piec..
Carved from Madagascan amethyst. with a lightly polished surface to enhance the amethyst and ice lik..
Polished Sodalite Point -8% Out Of Stock
Quality grade of sodalite carved into a 6 sided point from Brazil. approximate size : height 115mm..
£24.99 £23.00
Madagascan Rose quartz, nice colour and partially clear, with a star reflection or asterism and nice..
Nice classic colour lapis heart, 2mm drilled hole towards the top centre for thread or jump ring set..
Quartz With Iron Drop Cabochon,Lovely quartz with iron inclusions producing a red brown pattern and ..
Titanium Pink Silver Druzy Quartz Drop Shape Out Of Stock
Lovely freeform shape of titanium Coloured Druzy Quartznice bright colour. cut edge to help with set..
Lovely colour Afganistan Lapis Lazuli Large Faceted Oval, classic blue with specks of pyrite ap..
Heliodor Gemstone, a variety of yellow golden beryl from Brazil approximately 8.4mm x 5.8mm x 1.29ct..
Wooden jewel box with an agate inlaid lid. approximate size - 44mm(1""6/8) x high 69mm(2""6/8) wide..
Archangel A5 journal, contains a nice quality blank paper! approximate size: 210mm(8.2"") x 150mm(5..
Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..
Girasol quartz shape, hand polished, from Madagascar, ideal for meditation! This type of white quar..
Genuine Herkimer Quartz Diamond Part Crystals Lot of 6 Out Of Stock
Genuine Herkimer Quartz Diamond Part Crystals, direct from the mine in the USA, chunks of crystal so..
Carved Peruvian fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 90mm(3.5") x 38mm(1.5")..
Preseli Bluestone Crystal Ball, from that same source in Wales that is used in the construction of t..
Brazilian Amethyst Chunk larger amethyst massive rather than a crystallised formation, nice colourfu..
Lovely Carved Rose Quartz Angel Out Of Stock
Lovely Carved Rose Quartz Angel, with detailed wings, from Brazil approximate size: 140mm(5.5") x 11..
A large quartz Angel hand carved in Brasil, interesting quartz with inclusions, part polished natura..
Sunstone Gemstone - for Jewellery making approximately 20mm x 12mm 15ct *actual item..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 96mm(3.8") x 38mm(..
Lovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light different colours can be se..
Carved Peruvian Large Deep Purple Fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 57mm(..
Dendritic Manganese Quartz Pebble, hand polished, lovely leaf like manganese patterns appearing in w..