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Himalayan Garnet Nugget Crystal New Out Of Stock
Himalayan Garnet Nugget CrystalHimalayan Garnet Nugget, brown red colour with light areas,approximat..
Bright Aquamarine Crystal Piece New
Bright Aquamarine Crystal PieceClassic Aquamarine Crystal piece, bright glassy like appearance on 2 ..
Aquamarine Crystal Piece New
Aquamarine Crystal PieceNatural Aquamarine crystal piece, nice colour, glassy like surface 1 side&nb..
Great Colour Aquamarine Crystal Piece New
Great Colour Aquamarine Crystal PieceSuperb blue clear colour aquamarine crystal piece from Himalaya..
Super Seven Amethyst and Quartz Mineral Pebble New Out Of Stock
Super Seven Amethyst and Quartz Mineral PebbleLovely Amethyst , mix quartz mineral smokey Slice, oft..
Turquoise Nugget New Out Of Stock
Turquoise NuggetNatural Turquoise flatter nugget, rare natural mineral from Iran, predominately brig..
Pink Morganite Crystal New
Pink Morganite CrystalNice morganite crystal piece with a lovely pink colour, lovely sparkle from th..
Natural Diopside Crystal New
Natural Diopside CrystalNatural diopside crystal, glassy like appearance deep green colour. app..
Natural Tanzanite Crystal New
Natural Tanzanite CrystalTanzania crystal  from...Tanzania, natural un treated but still with..
Blue Dumortierite Within This Quartz Crystal Section New
Blue Dumortierite Within This Quartz Crystal SectionBlue dumortierite within this quartz cross secti..
Dinosaur Bone Slice UtahClassic dinosaur bone slice, 1 face polished, origin Utah.approximate size: ..
Brazilian Quartz Point Formation2 quartz points on a small bed of smaller quartz points, nice little..
Pink Yellow Tourmaline Piece Out Of Stock
Pink Yellow Tourmaline Piecepink tourmaline piece, with a little yellow piece, nice deep pink colour..
Sparkly Lilac Amethyst from Nyiri Out Of Stock
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, unusual colour and terminations very..
Barite Crystal ClusterVery clear Barite cluster fromation from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. approx..
Blue Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal Out Of Stock
Quartz with the rarer blue tourmaline(or possibly olenite). Nice colour, from Nooristan (or Nuristan..
Crocoite Mineral Cluster Out Of Stock
Crocoite Mineral ClusterCrocoite Cluster, a variety of vibrant orange brown crystals together in thi..
Alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal Piece Out Of Stock
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:12mm x 9mm x 7mm*actual item..
Quartz with Water Melon and Green Tourmaline CrystalsQuartz chunk with tourmaline crystals, 1 a wate..
Manganese Rich Axinite from Arusha Out Of Stock
Manganese Rich Axinite from ArushaRare manganese rich Axinite, creating this lovely bright purple sh..
Afghanistan Amethyst Colourful CrystalA small Afghan Amethyst crystal, with bright colour which appe..
Cherry Blossom Stone Sakura IshiA rare mineral from Japan, formed through two processes, initially f..
A chunky cross section of a natural ruby from Indian with interesting surface markings, you can see ..
Vanadinite Crystals on Barite MineralBarite Crystal formation hosting vanadinite crystals scattered ..
Cavansite Formation Out Of Stock
Gorgeous cavansite formation, gets its name from the composition of calcium vanadium silicate, comes..
Tanzanite Crystal Piece Out Of Stock
Tanzanite Crystal PieceTanzania crystal chunk from...Tanzania lovely colour, sizeable piece. approx..
Azurite Crystal MatrixDeep blue azurite crystals coating this roxk matrix, lots of sparkles, nice sp..
Brandberg  Multi Crystal Cathedral PointLovely Brandberg smokey amethyst from the Brandberg Mou..
Mangano Calcite Crystal SphereLovely pastel pink calcite sphere from the Himalayans, new locality an..
Black Tourmaline Polished Crazed PebbleCarved from lovely Brazilian black tourmaline, with a crazed ..
Sugilite Freeform TumblestoneRare chunky freeform Sugilite tumblestone, dark with lighter purple sha..
Green Fluorite Crystal BallGreen Fluorite sphere, Madagascan hand carved. approximately 39mm high.*..
Sodalite Point Tower 12cmQuality grade of sodalite carved into a 6 sided point. classic blue marble..
Carved from a lovely piece of pink/rose opal from Peru. approximate size - 71mm(2""6/8"") long x 1..
Unusual with iron and some manganese dendritic markings, little fern like formations created by mang..
Triple Rainbow Obsidian Heart FormationAn amazing piece of colourful rainbow obsidian carved with 3 ..
Himalayan blue clear fluorite cabochon, blue green colourapproximately 27.5mm x 21mm x 10.5mm high x..
Lovely colour Afganistan Lapis Lazuli Faceted Oval, classic blue with specks of pyrite approxim..
Sea Blue Fluorite Oval Cabochon Gemstone -30%
Sea Blue Fluorite Oval Cabochon GemstoneHimalayan blue clear fluorite cabochon, a rare blue green co..
£20.00 £14.00
Orbicular Jasper Cabochon, unique natural colours and patterns approximately 38mm x 29mm, 65ct*actua..
Polished Lapis Lazuli Disc CabochonCarved from Lapis Lazuli as shown, a Lapis Lazuli polished disc, ..
Champagne Topaz Faceted Gemstone approximate size 16mm x 14mm x 1mm deep x 20ct sizeable gemstone l..
Mexican Fire Agate Freeform Cabochon -12%
Mexican Fire Agate Freeform CabochonLovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on t..
£26.00 £23.00
Scheelite cabochon, rich brown shade approximately 9.1mm x 7.6mm 4.5ct *actual item..
Grade AA labradorite with a polished surface, predominately golden in colour with some yellow, blue ..
Carved Peruvian Andean Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 68mm(2.7") x 30mm(1.1..
Lovely Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 96mm(3.8") x..
High Quality Himalayan Smokey Quartz Cluster, with double terminated crystals on the top as shown, a..
Mexican Fire Agate Gem -21%
Mexican Fire Agate GemLovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light diffe..
£24.00 £19.00
A large quartz Angel hand carved in Brasil, interesting quartz with inclusions, part polished textur..
Clear Quartz Points 5 Pack Out Of Stock
5 Clear Quartz Points with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quartz..
Grade AA labradorite with a polished surface, deep blues, purple, silver, gold, flat base enables an..