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Pink Mangano Calcite Heart New
Pink Mangano Calcite HeartLovely hand carved mangano calcite heart, nice pattern, a lovely stone o..
Mangano Calcite Crystal Sphere New
Mangano Calcite Crystal SphereLovely pastel pink calcite sphere from the Himalayans, new locality an..
Blue Kyanite with Quartz New
Blue Kyanite with QuartzBrazilian blue kyanite in formation with quartz approximate size: 80mm x 64m..
Rose Quartz Goddess Statue New
Rose Quartz Goddess StatueRose Quartz Earth Goddess, carved from Brazilian rose quartz. With a plac..
Preseli Bluestone Angel New
Preseli Bluestone AngelStonehenge Preseli Bluestone Angel, carved from bluestone from a source locat..
Colourful Vibrant Labradorite Polished Face New
Colourful Vibrant Labradorite Polished FaceSuperb vibrant spectrolite labradorite with a polished su..
Blue gold and Green Labradorite New
Blue gold and Green LabradoriteLovely blue, gold and green vibrant spectrolite labradorite, with..
Stunning  Labradorite Polished Face Great Colours New
Stunning  Labradorite Polished Face Great ColoursGrade A labradorite with a polished surface..
Madagascan Gold Blue and Purple Labradorite New
Madagascan Gold Blue and Purple LabradoriteLovely vibrant colours across the curved surface of t..
Natural Chevron Amethyst New
Natural Chevron AmethystNice colour natural Amethyst chunk, lovely example of natural chevron amethy..
Chunky Natural Chevron AmethystNice colour large natural Amethyst chunk, lovely example of natural c..
Hint of Pink Morganite CrystalNice morganite crystal piece with a hint of pink colour, lovely sparkl..
Hint of Pink Morganite Crystal Piece Out Of Stock
Hint of Pink Morganite Crystal PieceNice morganite crystal piece with a hint of pink colour, lovely ..
Pink Morganite Crystal Chunk Out Of Stock
Pink Morganite Crystal ChunkNice colour pink morganite crystal, with lovely clarity from the Himalay..
Thick Agate BraceletQuality Solid Stone Agate Thick Bracelet, carved from solid stone, outer surface..
Citrine Crystal Points For CraftStock tidy has discovered these Points of Citrine, used for creating..
Colourful Candle Quartz Crystal PointCandle Quartz Point, stands upright at a slight angle, iron in..
Yellow Snow Candle Quartz PointCandle Quartz Point, the name given to quartz where faces and elestia..
Snow Candle Angled Quartz Point Out Of Stock
Snow Candle Angled Quartz PointCandle Quartz Point, the name given to quartz where faces and elestia..
Candle Quartz Cathedral Crystal PointCandle Quartz Point, great shape for holding and energy work, ..
Nice example of Pink fluorite crystals in a Pseudomorph formation from South Africa, small but nice ..
Natural Diamond Crystal Out Of Stock
Natural diamond crystal, small but well formed. approximate size: 3mm x 4mm x 4mm,*actual item &nb..
Nyiri Lilac Amethyst Bed Out Of Stock
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny sparkly terminations only, very collectable from Nyiri ..
Celestine and Sulphur Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Celestine and Sulphur Crystal FormationRare, collectable combination of natural sulphur and celestin..
Azurite Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Azurite Crystal FormationDeep crystal blue in colour this  Azurite mineral is natural roundish ..
Deep Blue Tourmaline CrystalGorgeous chunky tourmaline crystal with an amazing deep blue top, almost..
Azurite Crystal in Matrix Out Of Stock
Azurite Crystal in MatrixAzurite Crystal in a stone matrix, lovely larger azurite ball disc with a b..
Rutile Crystal V ShapeWell formed rutile crystal V formation, rutile has a tetragonal pyramidal like..
Imperial Topaz Origin Brazil Out Of Stock
Imperial Topaz BrazilNatural golden Imperial Topaz crystal piece, nice chunky classic colour and app..
Tourmaline with Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Out Of Stock
Tourmaline Crystals growing through this double terminated quartz point and feldspar formation from ..
Epidote with Sphene Crystal ClusterLovely natural epidote crystals together with a sphene crystal, l..
Larimar Cut SliceLarimar Freeform cut slice, classic colour and patterns of blue with white, a varie..
Aegirine Cluster with Zircon Out Of Stock
Lovely Aegirine Crystal Specimen with small Zircon crystals from Zomba, Malawi approximate length: 5..
Black Tourmaline with Andradite Garnet Crystal ShapesBlack Tourmaline crystal piece, with andradite ..
Badakhshan Pale Blue SapphireBadakhshan Blue Sapphire Crystal, classic shape from Badakhshan, blue ..
Orange Calcite Crystal Matrix Isle of Skye Out Of Stock
Orange Calcite Crystal Matrix Isle of SkyeNice spread of well formed orange calcite crystals on the ..
Bronzite Freeform PebbleGorgeous polished freeform of bronzite, a dark brown with bronze and gold sh..
Pocket Peach Aventurine Carved GaneshHand Crafted in India from lovely natural peach aventurine, han..
Green Garnet Palmstone -25%
Green Garnet PalmstoneHydrogrossular Garnet Palmstone, lovely green colour, nice freeform shape with..
£8.00 £6.00
Amethyst Crystal Sphere 5cmA crystal ball carved from Brasilian amethyst with a lovely amethyst purp..
Rose Quartz Carved Ganesh Out Of Stock
Rose Quartz Carved GaneshHand Crafted in India from lovely natural pink Rose Quartz, a special carvi..
Bronzite PebblePolished freeform of bronzite, a dark brown with bronze and gold streaky patches thro..
Lapis Lazuli Heartlovely hand carved Lapis Lazuli Heart from the Himalayas, ideal sized gorgeous bri..
Chrysoprase Pebble MadagascarChrysoprase Pebble, hand polished, ideal for meditation, from Madagasca..
Yellow and Blue LabradoriteGreat grade labradorite with a polished face surface, parallel lines sepa..
Hydrogrossular Garnet Freeform Out Of Stock
A Hydrogrossular Garnet Freeform with a polished surfaces, angular so will sit on a side.approximate..
Large Labradorite tumblestones 33-43mmnatural high quality labradorite hand polished to bring out th..
Citrine Polished Point 33mmCitrine polished point from Madagascar, clear stone with foil inclusions,..
Titanium Yellow Coloured Druzy Quartz OvalLovely oval shape of titanium and yellow coloured druzy qu..
tourmaline trillion style cut, gorgeous green in colour approximately 10mm x 10mm - 2.99ct *actual i..
Bi Colour Tourmaline rectangle gemstone, approximately 11.3mm x 7.6mm 2.72ct *actual item..
Serendibite Oval Gemstone - for Jewellery Making, from Sri Lanka approximately 9mm x 6mm x 1.9ct *ac..
Mexican Fire Agate Gem -21%
Mexican Fire Agate GemLovely freeform shapes of fire agate from Mexico, depending on the light diffe..
£24.00 £19.00
Clear Quartz Points 5 Pack -24%
5 Clear Quartz Points with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quartz..
£8.50 £6.50
Immortal Carved Pendant -23%
Immortal Carved PendantGorgeous Chinese 'immortal' pendant. Light Serpentine stone. Drilled 1-2mm ho..
£23.50 £18.00
Mexico Green Orange Cantera Opal - for Jewellery making -25%
Lovely freeform cabochon shape of Mexican Cantera Opal, in this form often called cantera. ryolite m..
£23.90 £18.00
Large Mangano Calcite Angel -24%
Carved Peruvian Mangano Calcite Angel, with lots of detail as shown with the rear of an angel on the..
£257.35 £195.00
Golden Labradorite with Polished Face -38%
Grade AA labradorite with a polished surface, predominately golden in colour with some yellow, blue ..
£144.00 £90.00
Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Set Pendant -36% Out Of Stock
Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Set PendantHimalayan Black Tourmaline chunky crystal, complete with..
£15.50 £9.99
Holy Ice Clean Quartz with Iron Out Of Stock
Holy Ice Clean Quartz with IronQuartz Chunk, cleaved from the massive seam quartz formation as oppos..