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Gorgeous cavansite formation, two nicely formed crystals on bed rock, has a flatter side so can stan..
Blue Sapphire Crystal with Baby Crystals. from Sri Lanka approximate length: 14mm x 8mm x 6mm *remem..
Lovely natural green Sphene crystal specimen with chlorite coating, nice colour from Skardu, Pakista..
Gold Bearing Quartz Ore, combination of quartz, iron & gold from the San Gregorio Mine Uruguay g..
Garnet and Vesuvianite on Feldspar Out Of Stock
Garnet and Vesuvianite on Feldspar, mostly sparkly garnet and felspar crystals with the odd vesuvian..
Lovely calcite crystal formation, rare calcite from Mongolia with actinolite inclusions, well formed..
Natural Chrysoprase Seam with Window Out Of Stock
Superb specimen piece of chrysoprase, you can see the seams within the host matrix rock and there's ..
Lovely Aegirine Crystal Specimen with small Zircon crystals from Zomba, Malawi approximate length: 5..
Dioptase Individual Crystal Matrix, some nice deep colour intense dioptase crystals, small but nicel..
Natural Andean Opal Out Of Stock
Lovely colour blue opal from Peru. approximate size: 106.5mm(4""2/8) x 52mm(2"") x 38mm(1""4/8) *..
Natural blue sapphire crystal, classic hexagonal shape, from Madagascar approximate size: 17mm x 13m..
Afghan Amethyst Cathedral Style Point Formation, patches of deeper colour which appears to emanate f..
Carved Upright Lapis Lazuli One Side Unpolished, polished side with decorative carving, the other to..
Unusual quartz freeform with a polished surface, slightly smokey with lots of foils, veil inclusions..
Gorgeous larger and very clear citrine pebble, lovely to hold... approximate size: 58mm x 32mm x 30m..
Madagascan Rose quartz, light colour, with a star reflection or asterism, pic taken with led light t..
Bi Colour Tourmaline faceted rectangle gemstone, approximately 8mm x 7.3mm 3.26ct *actual item..
Unique white Scapolite cats eye, unique approximately 12.3mm x 12.4mm 7.4ct *actual item..
Moldavite Faceted Gemstone, not often see in gemstone form approximate Size: 18.8mm x 9.2mm x 6.5cts..
Heliodor Gemstone, a variety of yellow golden beryl from Brazil approximately 8mm x 5.3mm x 1.28ct *..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense is made of many natural herbs & resins in harmo..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This delightful bouquet of roses is delicately blended with ..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'An intriguing blend of rare floral oils and sandalwood, this..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense with it's natural ingredients and smooth long l..
Frankincense Resin Powder Out Of Stock
Frankincense resin and powder in a handy mini re-usable glass jar, for use with charcoal disks. Used..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'An exotic aroma of rosewood and wild flowers in honour of th..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'Inspired by the heavenly mountain of the Himalayas let this ..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack A soothing blend of vanilla, vertivert and sandalwood, this f..
Wooden jewel box with an agate inlaid lid. approximate size - 44mm(1""6/8) x high 69mm(2""6/8) wide..
Archangel A5 journal, contains a nice quality blank paper! approximate size: 210mm(8.2"") x 150mm(5..
Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..