Actinolite Stock and Information

Actinolite Stock and Information

Often found within quartz appearing like a green 'rutile' but available in black and white as well, crystal healing properties include clearing obstacles on your evolution, balance and guidance on your way, with additional help with detoxification.

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Actinolite Crystal Cluster

Actinolite Crystal ClusterNatural actinolite crystal mineral cluster, sizable piece and good formati..


Mimetite Mineral Formation

Mimetite Mineral FormationNatural rare mimetite mineral from Brazil. Lovely grass green crystalised ..


Bright Rubies in Actinolite Out Of Stock

Bright Rubies in Actinolite

Natural Bright Rubies in Actinolite,approximate dimensions: 31mm x 29mm x 10mm*actual item..


Clear Quartz with Actinolite Pendant Out Of Stock

Clear Quartz with Actinolite Pendant

Clear Quartz with Actinolite Pendant, the actinolite is the green mineral growing through the quartz..