Aquamarine Stock and Information

Aquamarine Stock and Information

A variety of Beryl, Blue to green in colour Aids in the absorption of knowledge, communication with the higher self, resonates with the throat, third eye chakras. Spiritual growth. A stone which crosses ones path at the appropriate time. May help us to resolved that which is unfinished. Helps with allergies.

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Aquamarine Clear Part Crystal

Aquamarine Clear Part CrystalNatural Aquamarine crystal chunk, sizable piece, nice colour with some ..


Aquamarine Crystal Formation

Aquamarine Crystal FormationNatural Aquamarine crystal formation, chunky 'massive' formation of aqua..


Aquamarine Crystal Part Section

Aquamarine Crystal Part SectionNatural Aquamarine crystal piece, sizeable section of aquamarine, nic..


Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal Piece

Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal PieceNatural Aquamarine part crystal piece, with the crystal hexagonal ..


Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal Section

Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal SectionNatural Aquamarine crystal piece, nice bright aqua colour from t..


Aquamarine Terminated Crystal

Aquamarine Terminated CrystalClassic Aquamarine Terminated Crystal, nice termination and pretty clea..


Bright Aquamarine Crystal Out Of Stock

Bright Aquamarine Crystal

Bright Aquamarine CrystalGorgeous colour aquamarine crystal, unique aquamarine  with colour and..


Aquamarine - Large tumblestones 28-34mm

Aquamarine - Large tumblestones 28-34mmlarge tumbled Brazilian Aquamarine tumblestones size guide: 2..


Aquamarine - Larger tumblestones 40-48mm

larger tumbled Brazilian Aquamarine tumblestones size guide: 40-48mm..


Aquamarine and Angel Wing Silver Earrings

Himalayan baguette cut aquamarines set in a decorative stud silver mount! approximate hang length: 1..


Aquamarine and Mica Crystal Formation

Natural Aquamarine and Mica Crystal Formation, nice matrix formation with 1 larger and 2 smaller aqu..


Aquamarine Faceted Stud Earrings

Aquamarine Faceted Stud Earrings approximate size: 8mm(0.3"") x 7mm(0.2"") *actual item..


Aquamarine Formation

Natural Aquamarine crystal formation from the Himalayas, nice colour and clarity approximate size: 3..


Aquamarine Ganesh Statue

Carefully carved from an Aquamarine crystal this is an unique representation of Lord Ganesh approxim..


Aquamarine Gemstone Silver Ring Size I

Aquamarine faceted gemstone set in a silver ring, the culet or bottom of the stone will touch the sk..


Aquamarine Mica with Pink Apatite Crystal Formation

Aquamarine Mica with Pink Apatite Crystal FormationNatural Aquamarine and Mica Crystal Formation wit..


Aquamarine Piece

Natural Aquamarine crystal chunk formation from the Himalayas, deeper colour than normally found ap..


Aquamarine Terminated Crystal Out Of Stock

Aquamarine Terminated Crystal

Aquamarine Terminated Crystal, nice and clear from the Himalayas, approximate size: 41mm(1.6"") x 11..


Aquamarine with Tourmaline Crystal

Natural Aquamarine crystal, nice crystal formation with termination and tourmaline crystals growing ..


Deep Colour Aquamarine Matrix

Deep Colour Aquamarine MatrixNatural deep colour aquamarine crystals within this rock matrix, probab..


Himalayan Aquamarine with Feldspar and Mica

Himalayan Aquamarine crystal within Feldspar and a stack of mica plates formation from the Himalayas..


Large Aquamarine Crystal with Calcite and Mica Crystal

Natural Large Aquamarine crystal slightly tapering towards a calcite and mica encrusted overgrown he..


Natural Aquamarine in Matrix

natural Aquamarine from the Himalayas approximate size: 37mm(1.4") x 30mm(1.2") x 30mm(1.2") *actual..


Nirvana Aquamarine

Nirvana AquamarineNice colour natural aquamarine crystal etched piece often called Nirvana Aquamarin..


Nirvana Aquamarine Crystal

Nirvana Aquamarine CrystalNatural Aquamarine crystal etched piece often called Nirvana Aquamarine, n..


Nirvana Aquamarine Terminations Crystal Formation

Nirvana Aquamarine Terminations Crystal Formation, unique aquamarine formation with a light colour f..


Aquamarine Crystal Piece with Needles Out Of Stock

Aquamarine Crystal Piece with Needles

Natural Aquamarine crystal piece, natural hexagonal shape present, nice colour from Sugar Valley, yo..


AquamarineTumblestone Pendant Out Of Stock

AquamarineTumblestone Pendant

Lovely polished Brazilian aquamarine tumble polished stone drilled and thread onto silken cord as a ..


Multiple Aquamarine Terminations Crystal Out Of Stock

Multiple Aquamarine Terminations Crystal

Multiple Aquamarine Terminations CrystalMultiple Aquamarine Terminations Crystal, unique aquamarine ..