Boji Stones Stock and Information

Boji Stones Stock and Information

Boji Stones

A Registered name for a pair of round stones, forms of pyrite or iron concretions, originating from an area of Kansas USA, stones from other locations are often referred to as 'pop rocks', usually as a pair they are called male and female stones.

making us aware of 'now', and can have the effect of bringing out our darker or shadow self so we can acknowledge and face our fears, They can assist in the removal of energy blockages. Advised to be held apart.

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Iron Concretion

Interesting these iron concretions, approximate diameter: 19mm x 19mm x 10mm*actual items shown..


Mineral Concretion

Mineral ConcretionInteresting these concretions, naturally formed from various minerals into a natur..


Sussex Iron Stones

Interestingly these iron concretions, were found by a fossil collector in Sussex, they are a pair an..


Limonite Mineral Concretion Out Of Stock

Limonite Mineral Concretion

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