Chrysocolla Stock and Information

Containing copperStrongly connected with the heart & throat chakra this crystal enables the voicing of feeling from the heart on an emotional level. Helping with balance and understanding. Use if wishing to connect with the Earths energies.Also called the saints stone and was give to those on pilgrimages.

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African Chrysocolla Polished Freeform Shape Out Of Stock

African Chrysocolla Polished Freeform Shape

Carved from African Chrysocolla, hand polished as shown approximate size :- 62mm(2.4"") x 36mm(1.4""..


Chrysocolla chunk

Natural chunks of chrysocolla, approximate size: 22mm-28mm sample stock shown...


Chrysocolla Egg

Lovely patterns and colours with this good quality Chrysocolla egg from Peru approximate height: 63m..


Chrysocolla Gemstone Silver Ring Size M

Chrysocolla gemstone cabochon set into an ethnic antique style decorative wire silver ring size M ap..


Chrysocolla Wand 62.5mm Out Of Stock

Chrysocolla Wand 62.5mm

Carved from a lovely piece of Peruvian chrysocolla, 6 sided with a rounded and faceted point. approx..


Clear Smokey Quartz Egg

Lovely natural clear smokey quartz egg with some inclusions veils and rainbows hand carved and polis..


Large Chunk of Chrysocolla

natural large piece of chrysocolla from Peru. approximate dimensions: 154mm(6"") x 68mm(2.7"") x 43m..


Natural Chrysocolla Chunks

Natural Chrysocolla Chunks from Peru. approximate average piece: 15mm - 28mm 1 bag 150gm *order sele..


Natural Chrysocolla from Mexico

Natural Chrysocolla, lovely bright colour from Mexico approximate dimensions: 66mm x 50mm x 29mm*act..


Natural Chrysocolla with Heterogenite Chunk

Natural Chrysocolla with Heterogenite, lovely bright colour from the Congo, South Africa. approximat..