Clinochlore or Seraphinite Stock and Information

Clinochlore or Seraphinite Stock and Information

Seraphinite or Clinochlore minerals

From Eastern Europe(Irkutsk (Mg,Fe2=,Al)6(Si,Al)4O10(OH)8) also known as seraphiniteNormally a mettalic like green with fibre like silver markings throughout. Seraphinite is a gem quality Clinochlore of the Chlorite Group on minerals. Originates from the Korshunovskaia mine near Baikal Lake Eastern Siberia. Helps in angelic communications and said to be a healing stone of the age.Crystal healing properties - often referred to as a stone of enlightenment and used in angelic work.

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Clinochlore or Seraphinite Crystal Sphere

Seraphinite Crystal SphereSeraphinite also know as Clinochlore carved into a stunning crystal ball f..


Seraphinite Freeform

Seraphinite or Clinochlore Freeform, nice quality polished ideal to set, or we can do it for you! ap..


Seraphinite or Clinochlore Tumblestones 28-35mm

Seraphinite or Clinochlore Tumblestones from Eastern Europe, key properties of spiritual enlightenme..


Seraphinite Polished Slice

Seraphinite Polished SliceGorgeous patterned Seraphinite Polished Slice, the lovely silvery and vary..


Seraphinite Silver Pendant

Lovely Seraphinite cabochon set into a Silver Pendant approximate height:52mm(2"") x 32mm(1.2"") *ac..


Seraphinite Sphere Out Of Stock

Seraphinite Sphere

Seraphinite also know as Clinochlore carved into a stunning crystal ball from Eastern Europe approx..


Seraphinte Pendant

Seraphinte Pendant set into a simple silver pendant, approximate size: 35mm(1.4"") in height *actual..


Stunning Seraphinite Polished Slice New

Stunning Seraphinite Polished Slice

Stunning Seraphinite Polished SliceLovely patterned Seraphinite Polished Thicker Slice(one side), th..