Garnet Gemstones

Garnet Gemstones

Garnet Gemstones Cutstones Faceted Stones and Cabochons. A variety of gemstones from the Garnet family of minerals

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Garnet Faceted Cutstone

Garnet Faceted CutstoneGorgeous faceted garnet, nice red  colour cutstone approximately 7.2mm x..


Garnet Faceted Oval

Garnet Faceted OvalGorgeous faceted garnet, deep red cutstone approximately 7.8mm x 5.9mm x 1.47ct*a..


Grossular Garnet Cabochon

Grossular Garnet Cabochon approximately 22mm x 17mm x 58.6ct *actual item..


Grossular Garnet Faceted Rectangle Shape

Grossular Garnet Faceted Rectangle ShapeGrossular Garnet faceted rectangle gemstoneapproximately 15m..


Grossular Garnet Faceted Triangle Shape

Grossular Garnet Faceted Triangle ShapeGrossular Garnet faceted gemstoneapproximately 21mm x 14mm x ..


Rare Rainbow Garnet Faceted Stone

Rare Rainbow Garnet Faceted StoneRare garnet faceted, exhibiting the rainbow colour effect, a little..