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We sell a variety of recommended book on mind body spirit topics including crystal references, therapy pagan and spiritual development books

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Autobiography of a Yogi: A 52-Card Deck with Booklet

""These quotations can provide guidance and motivation for your spiritual life..."" All material fro..


BBC Organic Year 20% off rrp 9.99 - Book

'A guide to organic living' by Patricia Gallimores 192 pages, click for back cover info!..


Be Happy - Book

"with Prayer, Meditation and Affirmation"..


Book - A Treatise on Angel Magic

'The important link between John Dee and modern schools of occult...' by Adam Mclean 225 pages..


Book - Be The Change You Want To See In The World

'365 things you can do for yourself and your planet...' by Julie Fisher-McGarry 253 pages..


Book - Bony Yoga

'Asana all the time!...' illustrated with skeletal poses, with sanskrit names by Ryn Gargulinski 111..


Book - Dictionary of Symbols

'meanings of more than 1000 symbols across a wide range of cultures...' by Jack Tresidder 242 pages..


Book - Emissary of Love

by James F. Twyman "The Phychic Children speak to the world' 149 pages click for back cover info!..


Book - Kuan Yin

'Accessing the divine feminine, people call on Kuan Yin for many reasons - to keep them safe while t..


Book - Meditation and Relaxation in Plain English

'Meditation and relaxation in plain english teaches us how with potent tools that are easy to learn,..


Book - Meditation for Beginners

'Have you ever thought about meditation, but didn't know how to get started?...' by Jack Kornfield 8..


Book - The Garden Healer

'Natural remedies from flowers, herbs and trees...' by Helen Farmer-Knowles 143 pages..


Book - The Garden Healer

'Natural remedies from flowers, herbs and trees...' by Helen Farmer-Knowles 143 pages..


Book - The Mantram Handbook

'an ancient tool, in the west called a prayer word or prayer of the heart, and in the east a mantra ..


Book - To Live With The Fairy Folk

'a guide to attract benevolent spirits..' by Marina T. Stern 86 pages..


Book - Yoga for Magick

'Build physical and mental strength for your practice...' by Nancy Wasserman 126 pages..


Crystal Power Book

'...insight into the use of precious stones and gems as amulets, talismans and healing powers...by A..


Mastering the Toltec Way

'A daily guide to happiness, freedom and joy' by Susan Gregg 403 pages, click for back cover info!..


Organic Directory Book

"Everything organic find supplies here" by Clive Litchfield 554 pages click for back cover info!..


Rocks and Minerals of the World

the most practicla guide to over 160 specimens of rock''_x000D_ by David Cook Wendy Kirk_x000D_ 192 ..


Signposts by Denise Linn Book

'How to interpret the coincidences and symbols in your life' by Denise Linn ... 225 pages..


Soul Resurgence Book

"A Guide to Reincarnation" by Poppy Palin 117 pages click for back cover info!..


The Gentle Art of Blessing Book

by Pierre Pradervand "How to open an inner fount of healing and bliss that will grow with every bles..


The Secret Teachings Of Mary Magdalene - Book

"Including the lost verses of the Gospel of Mary'' by Claire Nahmad & Margaret Bailey 322 pages, cl..


Yoga Power and Spirit - Book

by Alberto Villoldo "The yoga sutra of Pantanjali is the classic text on the spiritual practice of y..