Music and Mantras

Music and Mantras

Music specifically chosen for it's relaxation and therapeutic properties, authentic bij and seed mantras also listed.

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Angel Meditation with Archangel Raphael CD Out Of Stock

Angel Meditation with Archangel Raphael CD

'A meditation to relax, balance and attune you to the divine energies of love and light. Find your s..


CD - Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

'On Aminal Speak, an original audio companion to his lansmark book, Andrews presents a 3 CD workshop..


CD - Mantrica

'A bliss-ride through the ancient, the modern, the electric, and the vedic'. Anant Jesse Total appro..


CD - Raga Cycle

"Composer and flautist Dean Evenson joins forces with Indian Sitar masters 'Pandit' Shivnath Mishra ..


Mantra Meditation for Abundance CD Out Of Stock

Mantra Meditation for Abundance CD

'Mantra Meditation for creating abundance, this is a 40 Day program using the power of sacred sound...


Shabda Mantra Mysticism

Music and chant to awaken your heart. Tracks Rudram, From Yajur Veda, Aum [The Primal Shabda], Lokah..


Tantric Embrace and Estatic Heart

Yoga of music and chant whose goal is to open your heart awaken your mind and arouse your spirit. Do..