Statues Bowls & Ceremonial Objects

Statues Bowls & Ceremonial Objects

Buddha Deity statues ideal for worship and pray a way of creating a sacred space in your home or place of serenity somewhere to use sound tools and singing bowls to create a special vibration

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Authentic Wall Banner from Dharamsala

Symbolic Tibetan wall hanging from Dharamsala. Approximate size: 1870mm(73.5"") x 830mm(32.5"")..


Bell Hanging Chain

Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..


Brass Om Wall Hanging 4""

Brass Om with wall hannging fixture, ideal for prayer, meditation or therapy room. approximate size..


Elephant Hand Bell

Lovely handmade authentic elephant bell, easy to play with a good tone! approximate height 112mm(4..


Ganesh with Gita Statue

Traditional fine quality with good detail crafted in India this Ganesh statue is a great representat..


Lamp / Chalice

Traditional butter lamp, alternatively use as a chalice. Crafted in India from copper & brass. Appr..


Large Buddha Statue

This large buddha was crafted in India from Brass, Approximate height: 470mm(18""4/8) weighing alm..


Medium Tingsha Bell

Hand crafted from high quality bell metal to ensure a lovely tone. Ideal for prayer, meditation, yog..


Nakania Statue

Nakania Crafted in India from Brass, weighs over 2Kg approximate height: 220mm (8""5/8) *actual it..


Phurpa Tibetan Ritual 'dart'

Phurpa Tibetan Ritual 'dart'Traditionally a Tibetan ritual tool used to combat negative energy &..


Shiva Statue

Traditionally crafted in India this Shiva Statue depicts Shiva in meditation with the Trishula or Tr..


Tibetan Hand and Stick Bell Out Of Stock

Tibetan Hand and Stick Bell

Lovely handmade authentic singing bell, used for a variety of functions from healing to space cleari..


Traditional Shiva Statue

Traditional fine quality with good detail crafted in India this Traditional Shiva Statue is a great ..


White Tara Buddha Statue Out Of Stock

White Tara Buddha Statue

Crafted in India from Brass. Known as the buddha of compassion and healing Approximate height: 81mm(..