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Gold Nugget New
Gold NuggetLovely Gold Nugget, origin Pilgrims Rest, Mpumalanga Province, South Africaapproximate..
Peridot Crystal Piece New
Peridot Crystal PieceNatural piece of crystal Peridot, nice and bright from Supat Pakistan approxim..
Gold and Blue Labradorite Upright New
Gold and Blue Labradorite UprightGorgeous labradorite with a polished surface, majority a bright gol..
Celestite Cluster Heart New
Celestite Cluster HeartLovely piece of natural celestite, nice blue colour, carved and shaped into a..
Natural Blue Kyanite New
Natural Blue KyaniteBlue Kyanite, a lovely deep blue shade of kyanite from the Himalayasapproximate ..
Natural Clear Quartz Chunk New
Natural Clear Quartz ChunkQuartz Chunk, cleaved from the massive seam quartz formation as opposed fr..
Ruby in Fuchsite Chunk New Out Of Stock
Ruby in Fuchsite ChunkLovely green and white fuchsite formation interspersed with rubies, providing ..
Scolecite polised Top Freeform New
Scolecite polised Top FreeformLovely polished white patterned scolecite freeform, top polished botom..
Tigers Eye Crystal Ball New -30%
Tigers Eye Crystal Balllovely classic tigers eye, hand polished into a sphere, from Africa. No quite..
£15.00 £10.50
Madagascan Blue and Gold Labradorite New
Lovely blue and gold multicoloured labradorite, strong colours throughout, theres a blue triangl..
Large Blue Kyanite Natural Shape WandLarge Blue Kyanite Natural Shape Wand, a gorgeous deep blue sha..
Bright Clear Quartz PointBright Clear Twin Quartz Point, very bright and clear quartz with some rut..
SmithsoniteSmithsonite Natural Yellow Green Formation, from Sheshodonnell Mine, Ireland approximate..
Blue Tourmaline in QuartzTwin Quartz with the rarer blue tourmaline . from Afghanistan approximate s..
Rare darker freeform Sugilite tumblestone with bustamite and manganese approximate size: 40mm x 30mm..
Black Tourmaline Shiny Multi Terminated Crystal ClusterBlack Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Cluster, high ..
Celestite Crystal BallLovely piece of celestite, nice blue colour, carved into a sphere shape with m..
Satin Feldspar Moonstone PalmstoneFeldspar moonstone, hand polished, lovely surface satin shimmer, h..
Purple Flash Labradorite with a Polished SurfaceTop grade labradorite with a polished surface, predo..
Feldspar and Smokey Quartz Polished PalmstoneLovely cream colour feldspar with smokey quartz through..
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, unusual colour and terminations very..
Quartz Pseudomorph after ArfvedsoniteUnique pseudomorph of quartz after Arfvedsonite formation,..
Nice part cuble crystal piece, overall purple in colour, origin Greenlaws Mine, Weardale Durham UK ..
Gold Flake Nugget on Quartz Out Of Stock
Gold Flake Nugget on QuartzGold Nugget on Quartz, combination of quartz, gold, gorgeous specimen fro..
Yellow Orange Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Yellow Orange Zincite FormationBeautiful grown zincite formation, lovely yellow colour from Poland ..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:19mm x 11mm x 9mm*actual item..
Natural Grandidierite Crystal piece, fairly rare silicate crystal approximate size: 13mm x 13mm x 7m..
Vayrynenite Crystal Out Of Stock
Rare Vayrynenite Crystal piece from Pakistan, approximate size: 9mm x 5mm x 2mm *actual item..
Gaspeite Mineral Out Of Stock
Gaspeite Mineral specimen, a rarer mineral from Canadaapproximate size:39mm x 37mm x 27mm*actual ite..
Sparkly Vanadinite Crystal Cluster MatrixVanadinite Crystal Cluster, bright deep colour vanadinite c..
Alexandrite Crystal Out Of Stock
Alexandrite Crystal, rarer mineral, dark green colour, nice size from India, approximate size: 15mm..
Chitral Emerald Crystal in MatrixGorgeous bright green large natural emerald crystal matrix with s..
Brasilianite Crystal Cluster Out Of Stock
Brasilianite Crystal Cluster, several crystal terminations with this crystal matrix approximate size..
Single Vera Cruz Amethyst CrystalGorgeous translucent amethyst crystal point, the colour varies in i..
Brookite Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Brookite Crystal Formation, several brookite crystals interwoven, from the Kharan approximate size:..
Blade of Light Larger Quartz Point, a larger clear, clean and briht quartz point with surface striat..
Labradorite Heart Out Of Stock
Nice colourful labradorite heart approximate size: 34mm x 29mm x 11mm *actual item shown,..
Gorgeous polished freeform of Celestobarite, a mostly two tone salmon pink with grey colours. appro..
Chrysocolla Heart Out Of Stock
Nice Chrysocolla Heart, chunky heart, lovely classic chrysocolla colours on the front, darker patchy..
Large Lapis Lazuli Palm StoneCarved from high quality bright blue Lapis Lazuli as shown, a Lapis L..
Red picture jasper sphere(variation). approximate height/diameter: 105mm(4"" 1/8) *actual item..
Polished serpentine wand, shaped wand ideal for crystal massage, can stand upright approximate leng..
Lovely colours including shades of a plum colour, an inspiring mineral from Madagascar. approximate ..
Blue Labradorite Dragons EggGrade AA labradorite with a polished face surface, with a predominate sh..
Chunky Iolite Freeform PebbleLovely large Iolite Freeform palmstone, with a variety of grey and blue..
Green Fluorite sphere, Madagascan hand carved. approximately 38mm high. *actual item..
Celestite Crystal BallLovely piece of celestite, nice blue colour, carved into a sphere shape with a..
From Africa, freeform pebble high quality Tiger Eye, with blue and brown colours, often referred to ..
Lovely colour Afganistan Lapis Lazuli Large Faceted Oval approximately 34mm x 22mm x 51ct *actual it..
Sphene Drop Form Cabochon Gemstone, unique colour depth, freeform cut approximately 28mm x 15mm 38ct..
Baguette style cut Tanzanite approximately 4.94mm x 3.12mm x 2.06mm *actual item..
Gorgeous faceted round Peridot gemstone approximate size : 9mm 3.7ct..
Light Green Opal Pebble -37% Out Of Stock
Polished Madagascan light green opal, hand polished freeform pebbles, small unpolished patch 4-5mm, ..
£3.95 £2.50
Blue Kyanite  BladesBlue Kyanite crystal blade, lovely quality nice colour classic blue. appr..
Angel hand carved from amethyst, smokey and clear quartz approximate size: 93mm(3.6") x 39mm(1.5") x..
Kunzite Crystals Bag of 20 -25% Out Of Stock
A range of Kunzite Crystals. lovely natural light and darker purple pink colours, at least 20 pieces..
£40.00 £30.00
Dendritic Manganese Quartz Pebble, hand polished, lovely leaf like manganese patterns appearing in w..
Carved Peruvian Large Deep Purple Fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 57mm(..
Bag of Cabochons and Gemstones  - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
A ranges of gemstones, majority cabochons, some faceted gems, ideal for a low cost way of practicing..
Chunky Girasol Quartz Freeform Shape Out Of Stock
Girasol quartz shape, hand polished, from Madagascar, ideal for meditation! This type of white quar..