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Natural Grandidierite Crystal piece, fairly rare silicate crystal approximate size: 13mm x 13mm x 7m..
Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Beautiful grown zincite formation, lovely colours from Poland approximate size: 42mm x 29m x 26mm *a..
Red Purple Sapphire Crystal on Matrix Rock, from the Hunza Valley approximate size: 56mm x 41mm x 33..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:19mm x 11mm x 9mm*actual item..
Natural Aquamarine crystal piece, natural hexagonal shape present, nice colour from Sugar Valley, yo..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:19mm x 11mm x 6mm*actual item..
Rare Euclase Mineral, deep blue from Zimbabweapproximate size:15mm x 13mm x 8.5mm*actual item..
Large Red Brown Spinel Crystal from Sri Lanka approximate size: 50mm(1.9"") x 38mm(1.5"") x 39mm(1.5..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazil, alluvial being the term for a natural movement of so..
Scolecite Cluster Out Of Stock
Lovely Scolecite Cluster Crystal Specimen from India approximate length: 43mm x 28mm x 25mm *remem..
Brookite Crystal with anatase, nice size, from the Kharan approximate size: 32mm x 8mm x 2mm *actua..
Blue Beryl on Feldspar Out Of Stock
Blue Beryl on feldspar Matrix from the Himalayas approximate size: 70mm x 54mm x 50mm *actual item..
Nice Colour Pink Rose Quartz polished Heart, approximate size: 51mm x 55mm x 22mm *actual item show..
Polished Carved Sodalite Point -12 %
Quality grade of sodalite carved into a 6 sided point from Brazil. Gorgeous unique patterns on one ..
£24.99 £22.00
Green fluorite carefully carved and polished into a freeform tactile shape, great quality mineral fr..
Red picture jasper sphere(variation). approximate height/diameter: 105mm(4"" 1/8) *actual item..
Free-form drop shaped nugget of ammolite, bright colours, polished both sides approximate size: 41m..
Freeform polished Pyrite cabochon style from Peru. Lovely two tone coloured patterns. approximately..
Kunzite Oval Gemstone approximately 12mm x 10mm 6ct *actual item..
Scheelite gemstone cabochon approximately 10.6mm x 9.3mm 7.4ct *actual item..
Ayurveda Nitiraj Gold Select Incense Out Of Stock
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense is made of many natural herbs & resins in harmo..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This delightful bouquet of roses is delicately blended with ..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'An intriguing blend of rare floral oils and sandalwood, this..
From the Gold Select range a 20gm pack 'This incense with it's natural ingredients and smooth long l..
Wooden jewel box with an agate inlaid lid. approximate size - 44mm(1""6/8) x high 69mm(2""6/8) wide..
Archangel A5 journal, contains a nice quality blank paper! approximate size: 210mm(8.2"") x 150mm(5..
Traditionally made sturdy metal chain for hanging bells or anything else! approximate length: 610mm..