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Polished Emerald Freeform New
Polished Emerald FreeformPolished Emeralds in a matrix rock with nice bright green colour, contraste..
Stunning Natural Tanzanite Crystal New
Stunning Natural Tanzanite CrystalTanzania crystal  from...Tanzania lovely colour, nautural un..
Hessonite Garnet Silver Pendant New
Hessonite Garnet Silver PendantHessonite Garnet crystal carved into a point set into a Silver Pendan..
Natural Kunzite Crystal Silver Pendant New
Natural Kunzite Crystal Silver PendantA lovely natural crystal of Pink Kunzite set in a silver setti..
Sphalerite and Bournonite formation France New
Sphalerite and Bournonite formationBronze golden sphalerite on this steely grey bournonite, with cry..
Vanadinite Crystals on Barite Mineral New
Vanadinite Crystals on Barite MineralBarite Crystal formation hosting vanadinite crystals scattered ..
Water Etched Nirvana Quartz New
Water Etched Nirvana QuartzWater Etched Nirvana Quartz Formation, deeper and larger etched markings ..
Chlorite Quartz Cluster New
Chlorite Quartz ClusterUnique Chlorite Quartz point cluster formation with multiple included points,..
Golden Orange and Blue Labradorite Cabochon New
Golden Orange and Blue Labradorite CabochonLabradorite cabochon, from Madagascar, with golds, orange..
Cobalt Calcite New
Cobalt CalciteLovely cobalt calcite crystal formation, bright pink crystals throughout this matrix, ..
Himalayan Sparkly Quartz Cluster -33%
Himalayan Sparkly Quartz ClusterLovely multiple sparkly clear quartz Himalayan Cluster, a range of..
£15.00 £10.00
Flatter Quartz ClusterLovely Himalayan quartz cluster, flatter in appearance, predominately smaller ..
Emerald Crystal in MatrixGorgeous bright green natural emerald crystal matrix, with a large relati..
Pink Danburite Clear Crystal ClusterFantastic Pink Danburite Crystal with lots of crystals, lovely r..
Golden Healer Quartz Crystal LaserGolden Healer Quartz Crystal Laser, gorgeous vibrant quartz with a..
Danburite CrystalDanburite Crystal with termination, lovely bright crystal with a clear point and pr..
Pyrite Crystal from TanzaniaLovely natural pyrite crystal, our first from Tanzania, nice broad shini..
Uvarovite Garnet MatrixLovely rarer small specimen of Uvarovite Garnet Matrix from Sarany Urals Russ..
Flatter Azurite BallPowdery blue in colour this  Azurite natural ball is has a flat base, nice ..
Pink Morganite Crystal PieceNice pink morganite crystal piece from the Himalayas approximate size: ..
Deep Blue Tourmaline CrystalGorgeous chunky tourmaline crystal with an amazing deep blue top, almost..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazil, alluvial being the term for a natural movement of so..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:11mm x 8mm x 7mm*actual item..
Tanzania Bright Pink Red Spinel Crystal Out Of Stock
Tanzania Bright Pink Red Spinel CrystalRed Spinel Crystal Matrix Specimen, lovely pink red colour fr..
Burmese Pink Tourmaline Mushroom Out Of Stock
A definate collectable piece, a deep fleshy pink Pink Tourmaline formation often referred to as a mu..
Rare Himalayan Quartz Crystal with Oil Inclusion Out Of Stock
Clear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which will fluoresce under UV approximate size: ..
Lovely liliac colour rare Amethyst with tiny terminations only, very collectable from Nyiri HungaryA..
Quartz with the rarer blue tourmaline(or possibly olenite). Nice colour, from Nooristan (or Nuristan..
Tanzanite Crystal Fragment Out Of Stock
Tanzania crystal piece from...Tanzania lovely colour approximate size  : 11mm x 5mm 4mm *actual it..
Boracite Crystal, rarer specimen, comprised of magnesium borate, origin Boulby Mine, England approx..
Vibrant Upright Labradorite Polished SurfaceGrade AA labradorite with a polished surface, bright gol..
Rare Quartz Crystal with Oil Inclusion Out Of Stock
Clear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which will fluoresce under UV approximate size: ..
Green Blue and Black Zoned Tourmaline Crystal FormationGreen Blue and Black Zoned Tourmaline Crystal..
Natural Sunstone ChunksNatural Sun Stone crystal chunks, an inspiring, uplifting and joyful stone. ..
Natural Diamond Crystal Out Of Stock
Natural diamond crystal, small but well formed. approximate size: 3mm x 4mm x 4mm,*actual item &nb..
Smokey Quartz Faceted Shape, this lovely high quality clear smokey quartz with rainbow and foil type..
Shaman Quartz Dream Stone For Meditation Out Of Stock
Stunning clear carved and polished into this freeform shape with chlorite inclusions producing a min..
Multi Colour Classic Labradorite Dragons Egg Out Of Stock
Grade AA labradorite with a polished face surface, with a lovely classic range of  colours, inc..
Jasper PalmstoneLovely patterns and colours with opal like cloudy areas, shades of tan and light dar..
Blue and Green Labradorite Dragons Egg Out Of Stock
Blue and Green LabradoriteGrade AA labradorite with a polished face surface, with a lovely classic g..
Amethyst Crystal SphereA crystal ball carved from Brasilian amethyst with a lovely pastel shade and ..
Polished Sodalite Point -8% Out Of Stock
Quality grade of sodalite carved into a 6 sided point from Brazil. approximate size : height 115mm..
£24.99 £23.00
Celestite Egg ShapeLovely sparkly blue celestite egg shape, with a polished and shaped side and the ..
Madagascan Rose quartz, nice colour and partially clear, with a star reflection or asterism and nice..
Carved from Madagascan amethyst. with a lightly polished surface to enhance the amethyst and ice lik..
Quality Lapis Lazuli Palm StoneCarved from high quality Lapis Lazuli as shown, a Lapis Lazuli oval..
Green Fluorite SphereGreen Fluorite sphere, Madagascan hand carved. approximately 44mm high. *actua..
Kunzite Oval Gemstone approximately 12mm x 10mm 6ct *actual item..
Sinhalite Gemstone - for Jewellery Making, approximately 5.9mm x 4.8mm x 0.59ct *actual item..
Lovely freeform shape of Sparkly Titanium Coloured Druzy Quartznice bright colour. cut edges to help..
Gorgeous flash of blue colour with a smaller golden patch towards one end, not completely shown on t..
Lovely freeform cabochon shape of Mexican Fire Opal, in this form often called cantera. It looks lik..
Blue Kyanite  Blades Bag -38% Out Of Stock
Blue Kyanite crystal blades, a bag of mixed sizes. approximate size range: 20mm - 67mm*actual bag ..
£7.99 £4.99
5 Clear Quartz Points , with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quart..
Sunstone Gemstone - for Jewellery making approximately 20mm x 12mm 15ct *actual item..
Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of detail as shown approximately 100mm(3.9") x 40mm..
10 Quartz Part Points with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quartz ..
Carved Peruvian Large Deep Purple Fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 57mm(..
Crafted in India from lovely dark aventurine a unique carving of Ganesh Approximate height: 121mm(4...