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Hint of Pink Morganite Crystal New
Hint of Pink Morganite CrystalNice morganite crystal piece with a hint of pink colour, lovely sparkl..
Chunky Mangano Calcite Polished Tower New -20%
Chunky Mangano Calcite Polished TowerA polished piece of Mangano pink calcite from Peru, this sizeab..
£50.00 £40.00
Sparkly Clear Quartz Point Cluster New
Sparkly Clear Quartz Point ClusterSparkly Clear Quartz Point Cluster, nice example of a classic spar..
Flatter Quartz Cluster New
Flatter Quartz ClusterLovely Himalayan quartz cluster, flatter in appearance, a mixture of crystal p..
Large Natural Citrine Point New
Large Natural Citrine PointLarge natural citrine point with another smaller point attached and gorge..
Brazilian Natural Citrine Point New
Brazilian Natural Citrine PointNatural citrine point, rare sizable crystal with a classic natural ci..
Pink Mangano Calcite Palm New
Pink Mangano Calcite PalmLovely polished light pink calcite is from the Himalayas, good chunky hand ..
Pink Mangano Calcite Palmstone New
Pink Mangano Calcite PalmstoneLovely polished light pink calcite is from the Himalayas, good hand ho..
Moroccan Agate Chalcedony Nodule Formation New
Moroccan Agate Chalcedony Nodule FormationNatural Moroccan agate chalcedony chocolate brown to grey ..
High Quality Blue Chalcedony tumblestone 54mm New Out Of Stock
High Quality Blue chalcedony tumble stone from Africa approximate size: 54mm x 27mm x 16mm*actual it..
Smokey Quartz with Water Melon Tourmaline CrystalsStunning smokey quartz point with multiple self he..
Mangano Calcite Polished Tower -19%
Mangano Calcite Polished TowerA polished piece of Mangano pink calcite from Peru, this sizeable towe..
£36.95 £29.90
Grossular Garnet Natural NuggetGreen Grossular Garnet, naturally formed nugget,approximate size: 23m..
Feldspar and Smokey Quartz Freeform PalmstoneLovely cream colour feldspar with smokey quartz speckle..
Feldspar and Smokey Quartz Polished PalmstoneLovely cream colour feldspar with smokey quartz through..
Emerald Crystal in MatrixGorgeous bright green natural emerald crystal matrix of feldspar and mica..
Epidote Crystal Fan SprayEpidote Crystal chunky fan spray formation from the Himalayas, nice chunky ..
Gem Tac Mineral Tac Putty6 strips of gem tac / mineral putty, especially formulated to be inert to m..
Blue Green Tourmaline Crystal within MatrixGorgeous chunky Blue green tourmaline crystal, within a r..
Large Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball 99mmLapis Lazuli Crystal Ball, mostly rich shades of royal blue with..
Pink and Orange Smithsonite Formation Out Of Stock
Smithsonite Natural Orange and Pink Formation, from Africa lovely bright colours! approximate size:..
Cherry Blossom Stone Sakura IshiA rare mineral from Japan, formed through two processes, initially f..
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazil, alluvial being the term for a natural movement of so..
Azurite Crystal Formation Out Of Stock
Azurite Crystal FormationDeep crystal blue in colour this  Azurite mineral is natural roundish ..
Alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal Piece Out Of Stock
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:12mm x 9mm x 7mm*actual item..
Rutile Crystal BrazilWell formed classic crystal from this rutile mineral, it has a tetragonal pyram..
Celestine and Sulphur Crystal FormationRare, collectable combination of natural sulphur and celestin..
Cavansite Coated Stilbite Crystal Matrix Out Of Stock
Cavansite Coated Stilbite CrystalsAppears like gorgeous cavansite crystals were sprinkled over stilb..
5 Clear Quartz Points with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quartz..
Tanzanite Crystal PieceTanzania crystal chunk from...Tanzania lovely colour, sizeable piece. approx..
Lemurian Quartz Natural Crystal Triangle PointLemurian Quartz Crystal Laser Point, clear quartz, wit..
Badakhshan Pale Blue SapphireBadakhshan Blue Sapphire Crystal, classic shape from Badakhshan, blue ..
Pyrite and Dolomite on Quartz Cluster from Cornwallpredominately white quartz points in this cluster..
Deep Blue Azurite MatrixAzurite Crystal Matrix, nice deep blue colour azurite on a rock matrix, nice..
Gold Blue & Purple Flash Labradorite with a Polished SurfaceTop grade labradorite with a polishe..
Guangdong TektiteA well shaped Tektite from Guangdong China. Tektites are a type of natural glass fo..
Green Opal Pebble Out Of Stock
Green Opal PebblePolished Madagascan green opal,  contrasting colours hand polished freeform pe..
Lilac and Purple Sugilite Bustamite Freeform Out Of Stock
Lilac and Purple Sugilite Bustamite FreeformPolished rare freeform Sugilite, patches and speckles of..
A lovely crystal ball carved from Madagascan clear quartz, inclusions and veils, with some rainbows,..
Rose Quartz Goddess Statue Out Of Stock
Rose Quartz Goddess StatueRose Quartz Earth Goddess, carved from Brazilian rose quartz. With a plac..
Chunky Celestite Egg Out Of Stock
Chunky Celestite EggLovely sparkly blue celestite chunky egg, with a polished and shaped side and th..
Gorgeous and big, polished piece of labradorite with greens, blues and golden colours all over incl..
Polished Emerald FreeformPolished Emeralds in a matrix rock with nice bright green colour, contraste..
The rare beautiful tiffany stone, a form of opal with fluorite, only found at the Brush Wellman bery..
Chunky Mangano Calcite PalmstoneLovely chunky polished light pink calcite, this mangano calcite is f..
Actual jet very rare in a sphere, originates from Mongolia approximate height/diameter 32mm(1.2"") *..
lovely rainbow obsidian heart, carefully carved in Mexico, pic taken under lighting. approximate siz..
Carved from a lovely piece of pink/rose opal from Peru. approximate size - 71mm(2""6/8"") long x 1..
Faceted Pink Fluorite Gemstone Out Of Stock
Faceted Pink Fluorite Gemstone from the Himalayas approximately 20mm x 17mm x 28ct *actual item..
BumbleBee Jasper Cabochon 36mm - for Jewellery making Out Of Stock
BumbleBee Jasper Cabochon style from USA. approximately 36mm x 25mm *actual item..
Orbicular Jasper Cabochon, unique natural colours and patterns approximately 38mm x 29mm, 65ct*actua..
Faceted Rubellite Round Gemstone Out Of Stock
Faceted Rubellite round approximately 5mm x 9mm 0.4ct *actual item..
Nice Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly gemmy clear centre, lovely colour. approximate si..
Dendritic Manganese Quartz Pebble, hand polished, lovely leaf like manganese patterns appearing in w..
13 Quartz Part Points , with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quart..
Carved Peruvian Turquoise Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 95mm(3.7") x 34mm(1.3"..
High Quality Himalayan Smokey Quartz Cluster, with double terminated crystals on the top as shown, a..
Holy Ice Clean Quartz with Iron Out Of Stock
Holy Ice Clean Quartz with IronQuartz Chunk, cleaved from the massive seam quartz formation as oppos..
Floating Alpine Quartz Crystal Out Of Stock
Small but gorgeous floating quartz crystal from Mount Blanc, this quartz point is terminated. approx..
Large Carved Peruvian Pink Rose Opal Angel, with lots of intricate detail as shown approximately 20..