Natural Crystals and Minerals

Natural Crystals and Minerals

Crystals and Minerals in a natural form, either single crystals, clusters or rough pieces.

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Brewsterite Crystal Cluster Matrix

Brewsterite Crystal Cluster Matrix, rarer mineral from Argyll, Scotland. approximate size: 79mm x 5..


Cavansite Crystal Out Of Stock

Cavansite Crystal

Gorgeous cavansite formation, gets its name from the composition of calcium vanadium silicate, from ..


Cavansite Crystal Matrix

Gorgeous cavansite formation, two nicely formed crystals on bed rock, has a flatter side so can stan..


Cavansite Crystal Sparkly Matrix

Gorgeous cavansite formation, several cavansite and other crystals across this sparkly matrix, gets ..


Cuprite Crystal

Cuprite crystal, nicely formed from Russia approximate size: 25mm x 27mm x 25mm *actual item..


Natural Amazonite

Gorgeous bright green natural amazonite from Chilas Pakistan approximate size: 70mm x 62mm x 26mm *a..


  Quartz Cluster Out Of Stock

Quartz Cluster

Natural Brazilian cluster approximate size : length 123mm(4""7/8) x 89mm(3""4/8) x 74.5mm(3"") *actu..


Blue Madagascan Sapphire Crystal

Natural blue sapphire crystal, classic hexagonal shape, from Madagascar approximate size: 17mm x 13m..


Pink Botryoidal Chalcedony Crystal Formation

 Pink Botryoidal Chalcedony Crystal Formation, lovely pastel pink colour, from Morroco approximate s..


8 Faces Quartz Point Formation

8 Faces Quartz Point Formation, quartz normally grows with a 6 face or side crystal formation, this ..


Aegirine Cluster with Zircon

Lovely Aegirine Crystal Specimen with small Zircon crystals from Zomba, Malawi approximate length: 5..


Afghan Amethyst Cathedral Style Point Formation

Afghan Amethyst Cathedral Style Point Formation, patches of deeper colour which appears to emanate f..


Afghanistan Amethyst Crystal with Quartz Growing Through

A small Afghan Amethyst crystal piece, the colour appears to come from within,  with a quartz point ..


Alabandite Crystal

Alabandite crystal, rare crystal form from Merelani Hills, Arusha, Tanzania approximate size: 20mm x..


Alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal

Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:19mm x 11mm x 6mm*actual item..


Alluvial Spinel Crystal

Alluvial Spinel Crystals from the Badakhshan border,nice purple red colour approximate size range: 9..


Amethyst Cave Volcano Geode

Amethyst Cave Geode, very volcano lie(we think!) with a top you can remove to see the wondrous cryst..


Amethyst Cluster from Uruguay

Lovely colour amethyst from Uraguay, bright colourful angular crystal bed Approximately:- 115mm(6.1"..


Amethyst Crystal Bed fron Kharan

Nice Amethyst Crystal point formation from the Kharan District, much rarer from this part of the wor..


Apophyllite Cluster from Brazil

Apophyllite cluster, lovely white & green colours from Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil ..


Apophyllite Top Out Of Stock

Apophyllite Top

Apophyllite Top, lovely clear sparkly point from Poona India, approximate size: 36mm x 28mm x 27mm ..


Aquamarine Crystal Piece with Needles

Natural Aquamarine crystal piece, natural hexagonal shape present, nice colour from Sugar Valley, yo..


Azurite Crystal Formation Deep Colour

Azurite Crystal Formation, nice colour, glassy blue crystalised and powder blue colours, nice specim..


Azurite Crystal Matrix Out Of Stock

Azurite Crystal Matrix

Azurite Crystal Formation, nice range of colours, with malachite within its host rock matrix, nice s..


Azurite Nugget Out Of Stock

Azurite Nugget

Azurite nugget Formation, nice colour, approximate size: 23mm x 18mm x 14mm *actual item, only one!..


Bi Colour Tourmaline Crystal

Nice gemmy bi colour tourmaline crystal with termination from the Himalayas, complete with specimen ..


Black Tourmaline Chunky Crystal Formation

Black Tourmaline Crystal piece, from the Himalayas, lovely chunky piece larger than you'd normally f..


Blue Beryl Crystal Out Of Stock

Blue Beryl Crystal

Blue Beryl Crystal, also known as scandium beryl, gorgeous colour from the Himalayas approximate siz..


Blue Beryl on Feldspar Out Of Stock

Blue Beryl on Feldspar

Blue Beryl on feldspar Matrix from the Himalayas approximate size: 70mm x 54mm x 50mm *actual item..


Blue Sapphire Crystal from Madagascar

Blue sapphire crystal, classic shape, from Madagascar approximate size: 13mm x 13mm x 11mm *actual i..