Natural Crystals and Minerals

Natural Crystals and Minerals

Crystals and Minerals in a natural form, either single crystals, clusters or rough pieces.

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5 Clear Quartz Points -12%

5 Clear Quartz Points

5 Clear Quartz Points with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quartz..

£7.95 £7.00

Adamite Crystal Matrix New

Adamite Crystal Matrix

Adamite Crystal MatrixWell formed crystals of this rarer mineral on a rock matrix, yellow with a hin..


Afghan Amethyst Crystal

Afghan Amethyst CrystalAfghan Amethyst Ccrystal Point Formation, if you look closer you can see 3 po..


Afghan Amethyst Point Cluster

A small Afghan Amethyst, the colour appears to come from within,  a larger point with several s..


Afghan Amethyst Quartz Point

Afghan Amethyst Quartz PointAfghan Amethyst Point, small but lovely with another co-joined crystal p..


Afghanistan Amethyst Colourful Crystal

Afghanistan Amethyst Colourful CrystalA small Afghan Amethyst crystal, with bright colour which appe..


Amber Nugget

Amber NuggetNatural Sumatran Amber nugget, colour and clarity variation, bumpy in places but smooth ..


Amber Nugget Sumatra Out Of Stock

Amber Nugget Sumatra

Amber Nugget SumatraNatural Sumatran Amber gnarly nugget, colour and clarity variation, bumpy with p..


Anatase Crystal Norway

Anatase Crystal NorwayWell formed crystal from this anatase mineral tetragonal pyramidal like format..


Aqua Aragonite Crystal Chunky Slice

Aqua Aragonite CrystalAqua aragonite Crystal slice, nice aquamarine blue colour, cut and polished bo..


Aquamarine Crystal Part Section

Aquamarine Crystal Part SectionNatural Aquamarine crystal piece, sizeable section of aquamarine, nic..


Aquamarine Crystal Piece

Aquamarine Crystal PieceNatural Aquamarine crystal piece, with the crystal hexagonal shape, nice col..


Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal Piece

Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal PieceNatural Aquamarine part crystal piece, with the crystal hexagonal ..


Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal Section New

Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal Section

Aquamarine Hexagonal Crystal SectionNatural Aquamarine crystal piece, nice bright aqua colour from t..


Astrophyllite Formation

Astrophyllite FormationAstrophyllite Formation, has the sparkle factor with shades of autumn br..


Axinite Mineral Piece

Axinite from the Himalayas approximate size: 43mm x 22mm x 9mm*actual Item shown..


Azurite Crystal in Matrix New

Azurite Crystal in Matrix

Azurite Crystal in MatrixAzurite Crystal in a stone matrix, lovely larger azurite ball disc with a b..


Barite Crystal Cluster

Barite Crystal ClusterVery clear Barite cluster fromation from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. approx..


Barite Crystal Cluster England

Barite Crystal Cluster EnglandWell formed Barite formation from Tanner Rake, Sleigill, Arkengarthdal..


Beautiful Uruguayan Amethyst Out Of Stock

Beautiful Uruguayan Amethyst

Beautiful Uruguayan AmethystLovely colour amethyst from Uruguay, this piece has an undulating surfa..


Beryl Bixbite Crystal

Beryl Bixbite Crystal rarer mineral, lovely cube like formation, a dark metallic colour with a sligh..


Bixbyite Crystal

Bixbyite Crystal rarer mineral, lovely cube like formation, with a metallic colour, from Thomas Rang..


Black Kyanite Formation

Black Kyanite Formation, rarer than the blue variety and a little more fragile, known in Brasil as w..


Black Spinel Crystal

Black Spinel CrystalBlack Spinel Crystal Specimen, a black spinel crystal hiding under some iron oxi..


Black Tourmaline Chunky Crystal Piece Out Of Stock

Black Tourmaline Chunky Crystal Piece

Black Tourmaline Chunky Crystal PieceBlack Tourmaline Chunky Crystal with multiple terminations at o..


Black Tourmaline Crystal Out Of Stock

Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline CrystalBlack Tourmaline crystal piece, good size, bright and shiny, nice good quali..


Black Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Specimen

Black Tourmaline Shiny Crystal SpecimenBlack Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Cluster, from Madagascar,..


Black Tourmaline Shiny Multi Terminated Crystal Cluster

Black Tourmaline Shiny Multi Terminated Crystal ClusterBlack Tourmaline Shiny Crystal Cluster, high ..


Blue Diamond Natural Crystal

Blue Diamond Natural CrystalNatural diamond crystal, small but formed, rarer colour. approximate si..