Azurite Formations

Azurite Formations

Azurite Crystals and Mineral Formations

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Azurite Crystal Formation

Azurite Crystal Formation, nice range of colours, unique formation approximate size: 69mm(2.7"") x 5..


Azurite Crystal Formation Deep Colour

Azurite Crystal Formation, nice colour, glassy blue crystalised and powder blue colours, nice specim..


Azurite Crystal Matrix Out Of Stock

Azurite Crystal Matrix

Azurite Crystal Formation, nice range of colours, with malachite within its host rock matrix, nice s..


Bright Blue Azurite Nugget Out Of Stock

Bright Blue Azurite Nugget

Azurite Crystal Nugget, nice colour, nice formation approximate size: 102mm(4"") x 51mm(2"") x 33mm(..


Small Azurite Piece

Small Azurite Piece, nice colour, approximate size: 20mm x 17mm x 8mm *actual item, only one!..