Azurite Formations

Azurite Formations

Azurite Crystals and Mineral Formations

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Azurite Crystal in Matrix

Azurite Crystal in MatrixAzurite Crystal in a stone matrix, lovely larger azurite ball disc with a b..


Azurite Crystal Cluster

Azurite Crystal ClusterAzurite Crystal Formation, nice colour, glassy deep blue crystalised and deep..


Azurite Crystal Formation

Azurite Crystal Formation, nice range of colours, unique formation approximate size: 69mm(2.7"") x 5..


Azurite Crystal Matrix

Azurite Crystal MatrixDeep blue azurite crystals coating this roxk matrix, lots of sparkles, nice sp..


Azurite Crystals on Malachite

Azurite Crystal Formation, nice colour, glassy blue crystals on the surface of a malachite matrix, n..


Bright Blue Azurite Nugget Out Of Stock

Bright Blue Azurite Nugget

Azurite Crystal Nugget, nice colour, nice formation approximate size: 102mm(4"") x 51mm(2"") x 33mm(..


Flatter Azurite Ball

Flatter Azurite BallPowdery deep blue in colour this  Azurite natural ball is has a flat base, ..


Malachite after Azurite Pseudomorph

Malachite after Azurite PseudomorphvUnique pseudomorph of malachite after azurite formation, the spe..