Celestite Celestine Clusters

Celestite Celestine Clusters

Celestite Natural Crystals Clusters Beds and Mineral Formations

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Celestite Cluster Formation

Lovely piece of celestite from Madagascar approximate size 118mm(4.6"") x 94mm(3.7"") x 45mm(1.7""..


Celestite Crystal Cluster

Lovely piece of celestite, some large crystals and nice colour, chunky formation.approximate size 99..


Large Celestite Cluster

Lovely piece of celestite, with large crystal pieces approximate size 119mm(4.7"") x 92mm(3.6"") x 7..


Large Celestite Cluster Formation

Lovely large piece of celestite, approximate size 175mm(6.8"") x 151mm(5.9"") x 80mm(3.1"") weighing..