Celestite Celestine Clusters

Celestite Celestine Clusters

Celestite Natural Crystals Clusters Beds and Mineral Formations

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Celestite Cluster Formation

Lovely piece of celestite from Madagascar approximate size 118mm(4.6"") x 94mm(3.7"") x 45mm(1.7""..


Celestite Crystal Cluster Out Of Stock

Celestite Crystal Cluster

Lovely piece of celestite, some large crystals and nice colour approximate size 146mm x 73mm x 53mm*..


Large Celestite Cluster

Lovely piece of celestite, with large crystal pieces approximate size 119mm(4.7"") x 92mm(3.6"") x 7..


Large Celestite Cluster Formation

Lovely large piece of celestite, approximate size 175mm(6.8"") x 151mm(5.9"") x 80mm(3.1"") weighing..