Celestite Celestine Clusters

Celestite Celestine Clusters

Celestite Natural Crystals Clusters Beds and Mineral Formations

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Celestite Crystal Cluster

Celestite  Crystal ClusterLovely cluster of celestite crystals, multiple crystals interlinked a..


Celestite Cluster

Celestite ClusterLovely piece of celestite, multiple crystals interlinked on the top with a natural ..


Celestite Large Crystal Part Cluster

Celestite Large Crystal Part ClusterLovely piece of celestite, multiple crystals on top with predomi..


Large Celestite Crystal Point

Large Celestite Crystal PointLovely large sparkly blue celestite crystal point, rarer large crystal ..


Sparkly Celestite Cluster

Sparkly Celestite ClusterLovely sparkly blue celestite, a natural crystal formation originating from..


Blue Celestite Egg

Blue Celestite EggLovely sparkly celestite, hand cut with an egg shaped base, lovely range of natura..


Celestite Crystal

Celestite CrystalLovely sparkly blue celestite crystal, sizable piece of this gorgeous mineral, part..


Celestite Crystal

Celestite CrystalLovely large sparkly blue celestite crystal, good size of this gorgeous mineral, pa..


Celestite Crystal Cluster

Celestite Crystal ClusterLovely piece of celestite, some large crystals and nice colour, chunky form..


Celestite Natural Crystal Point

Celestite Natural Crystal PointLovely sparkly blue celestite well formed crystal, sizable piece of t..


Chunky Celestite Natural Crystal Point

Chunky Celestite Natural Crystal PointLovely sparkly blue celestite well formed crystal, sizable cry..


Large Celestite Cluster Out Of Stock

Large Celestite Cluster

Lovely piece of celestite, with large crystal pieces approximate size 119mm(4.7"") x 92mm(3.6"") x 7..


Large Celestite Cluster Formation

Lovely large piece of celestite, approximate size 175mm(6.8"") x 151mm(5.9"") x 80mm(3.1"") weighing..


Small Celestite Cluster Formation

Small Celestite Cluster FormationLovely small celestite crystal cluster from Madagascar approximate..


Stunning Celestite Natural Crystal

Stunning Celestite Natural CrystalLovely sparkly blue celestite well formed broad and part transluce..


Chunky Celestite Egg Out Of Stock

Chunky Celestite Egg

Chunky Celestite EggLovely sparkly blue celestite chunky egg, with a polished and shaped side and th..