Crystal Mineral Specimen Pieces

Crystal Mineral Specimen Pieces

Unusual and nice mineral and crystal specimen pieces ideal for collector and mineral fans who would like rarer and specific pieces to add to them collections

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Adamite Crystal Matrix

Adamite Crystal MatrixWell formed crystals of this rarer mineral on a rock matrix, yellow with a hin..


Anatase Crystal Norway

Anatase Crystal NorwayWell formed crystal from this anatase mineral tetragonal pyramidal like format..


Azurite Crystal in Matrix

Azurite Crystal in MatrixAzurite Crystal in a stone matrix, lovely larger azurite ball disc with a b..


Barite Crystal Cluster

Barite Crystal ClusterVery clear Barite cluster fromation from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. approx..


Barite Crystal Cluster England

Barite Crystal Cluster EnglandWell formed Barite formation from Tanner Rake, Sleigill, Arkengarthdal..


Beryl Bixbite Crystal

Beryl Bixbite Crystal rarer mineral, lovely cube like formation, a dark metallic colour with a sligh..


Bixbyite Crystal

Bixbyite Crystal rarer mineral, lovely cube like formation, with a metallic colour, from Thomas Rang..


Black Spinel Crystal

Black Spinel CrystalBlack Spinel Crystal Specimen, a black spinel crystal hiding under some iron oxi..


Blue Diamond Natural Crystal

Blue Diamond Natural CrystalNatural diamond crystal, small but formed, rarer colour. approximate si..


Blue Natural Diamond Crystal

Blue Natural Diamond CrystalNatural diamond crystal, small but well formed, rarer colour. approxima..


Brewsterite Crystal Formation Scotland

Brewsterite Crystal Formation ScotlandBrewsterite Crystal Cluster Matrix, rarer mineral from Stronti..


Cassiterite Crystal Matrix

Cassiterite Crystal MatrixFormed cassiterite crystal formed on its matrix, a tin oxide, oreapproxima..


Cassiterite Crystal within Matrix

Cassiterite Crystal within MatrixFormed cassiterite crystal within this feldspar and muscovite matri..


Cavansite Coated Stilbite Crystal Matrix

Cavansite Coated Stilbite CrystalsAppears like gorgeous cavansite crystals were sprinkled over stilb..


Cavansite Crystal Sparkly Matrix

Gorgeous cavansite formation, several cavansite and other crystals across this sparkly matrix, gets ..


Celestine and Sulphur Crystal Formation

Celestine and Sulphur Crystal FormationRare, collectable combination of natural sulphur and celestin..


Cherry Blossom Stone

Cherry Blossom Stone Sakura IshiA rare mineral from Japan, formed through two processes, initially f..


Cherry Blossom Stone Sakura Ishi

Cherry Blossom Stone Sakura IshiA rare mineral from Japan, formed through two processes, initially f..


Crocoite Cluster

Crocoite ClusterCrocoite Cluster, a combination of vibrant orange brown thin crystals clustered toge..


Crocoite Mineral Cluster Out Of Stock

Crocoite Mineral Cluster

Crocoite Mineral ClusterCrocoite Cluster, a variety of vibrant orange brown crystals together in thi..


Enstatite Natural Crystal

Enstatite Natural CrystalNatural enstatite crystal, well formed, fairly rare stone, lovely transluce..


Fluorellestadite on Blue Calcite From USA

Fluorellestadite on Blue Calcite From USAGolden colour Fluorellestadite crystals over this Blue C..


Gold Nugget on Quartz

Gold Nugget on QuartzGold Nugget on Quartz, combination of quartz, gold, gorgeous specimen.Pilgrims ..


Green Zincite Formation

Green Zincite FormationBeautiful grown green zincite formation, lovely colours from Poland approxim..


Hematite Crystal Sparkly Cluster Out Of Stock

Hematite Crystal Sparkly Cluster

Hematite Crystal Sparkly ClusterNatural Hematite crystal formation very sparkly, from the Rio M..


Hiddenite Crystal Chunk

Hiddenite Crystal ChunkHiddenite Crystal Chunk from the Himalaya region, this , stunning bright gree..


Hiddenite Gemmy Crystal Out Of Stock

Hiddenite Gemmy Crystal

Hiddenite Gemmy CrystalHiddenite Crystal with a termination or natural point from the Himalaya regio..


Hydrotalcite and Motukoreaite

Hydrotalcite and MotukoreaiteWell formed crystals of these rarer minerals on a rock matrix, dull gla..


Jarosite Crystal Matrix

Jarosite Crystal MatrixThis mineral has classic tiny crystals which reflect the light creating a spa..


Kimberlite Mineral Matrix New

Kimberlite Mineral Matrix

Kimberlite Mineral MatrixThis not particularly attractive igneous rock is so important because it is..