Emerald Crystals

Emerald Crystals

natural emerald natural crystals and minerals in their rough state from massive chunks to matrixs and crystal formations

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Bright Multiple Emerald Crystal Matrix

Gorgeous bright multiple green natural emeralds across this matrix rock matrix from Skardu, approxim..


Emerald Crystal in Matrix Out Of Stock

Emerald Crystal in Matrix

Gorgeous bright green natural emerald crystal matrix from Skardu, approximate size: 22mm x 15mm x..


Natural Emerald

Good grade natural emerald, from Brazil. approximate size: 30mm(1.2"") x 23mm(0.9"") x 24mm(0.9"") *..


Natural Emerald Crystal Doko Basha Valley

Natural Emerald Crystal Doko Basha Valley, Skardu, Pakistan approximate size: 34mm(1.3"") x 24mm(0.9..