Kyanite Formations

Kyanite Formations

kyanite natural crystals and minerals in their rough state from massive chunks to matrixs and crystal formations

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Blue Kyanite Formation

Blue Kyanite with Quartz Formation, combination of blue kyanite crystal blades, from different angl..


Blue Kyanite In Quartz Formation

Brazilian kyanite in quartz approximate size: 111mm(4.3"") x 75mm(2.9"") x 58mm(2.3"") *actual item..


Kyanite Natural Shape Wand

Individual natural kyanite, an unusual shape of pale blue kyanite from Pakistanapproximate size : 60..


Large Blue Kyanite with Quartz Out Of Stock

Large Blue Kyanite with Quartz

Chunky Blue Kyanite Formation with quartz from Brazil, large piece weighing over 2kg approximate siz..