Kyanite Formations

Kyanite Formations

kyanite natural crystals and minerals in their rough state from massive chunks to matrixs and crystal formations

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Blue Kyanite Formation

Blue Kyanite with Quartz Formation, combination of blue kyanite crystal blades, from different angl..


Blue Kyanite In Quartz Formation

Brazilian kyanite in quartz approximate size: 111mm(4.3"") x 75mm(2.9"") x 58mm(2.3"") *actual item..


Blue Kyanite with Quartz

Chunky Blue Kyanite Formation with small quartz areas from Brazil, large piece weighing over 350g ap..


Kyanite Natural Shape Wand

Individual natural kyanite, an unusual shape of pale blue kyanite from Pakistanapproximate size : 60..