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Clevlandite with Muscovite and Adularia

Clevlandite with Muscovite and AdulariaClevlandite with intergrown muscovite plates, crystals and ad..


Black Tourmaline Muscovite and Feldspar

Black Tourmaline Muscovite and Feldspar Formation, sprays of black tourmaline with muscovite wafers,..


Clinohumite Muscovite Feldspar Formation

Chondrodite Muscovite Formation from the Himalayas approximate size: 59mm x 52mm x 24mm*actual item..


Golden Muscovite Formation

Golden colour Muscovite Formation from Brazil approximate size: 105mm x 71mm x 32mm*actual item..


Muscovite with Twin Quartz Point Formation

Muscovite with Quartz Point Formation approximate size: 90mm(3.5") x 86mm(3.4") x 31mm(1.2")*actual..


Muscovite and Albite Out Of Stock

Muscovite and Albite

muscovite and albite, lovely formation from Brazil. approximate size: 63mm x 32mm x 42mm*actual ite..


Muscovite Formation Out Of Stock

Muscovite Formation

Muscovite Wafer Formation from the Himalayas, rarer from this area. approximate size: 102mm(4") x 6..