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Black Tourmaline Muscovite and Feldspar

Black Tourmaline Muscovite and Feldspar Formation, sprays of black tourmaline with muscovite wafers,..


Clinohumite Muscovite Feldspar Formation

Chondrodite Muscovite Formation from the Himalayas approximate size: 59mm x 52mm x 24mm*actual item..


Golden Muscovite Formation

Golden colour Muscovite Formation from Brazil approximate size: 105mm x 71mm x 32mm*actual item..


Muscovite with Twin Quartz Point Formation

Muscovite with Quartz Point Formation approximate size: 90mm(3.5") x 86mm(3.4") x 31mm(1.2")*actual..


Muscovite and Albite Out Of Stock

Muscovite and Albite

muscovite and albite, lovely formation from Brazil. approximate size: 63mm x 32mm x 42mm*actual ite..


Muscovite Formation Out Of Stock

Muscovite Formation

Muscovite Wafer Formation from the Himalayas, rarer from this area. approximate size: 102mm(4") x 6..