Natural Jet

Natural Jet

Natural jet, most well known is probably from Whitby which when polished has a bright finish, however jet is also available from other countries including Mongolia.

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Chunky Whitby Jet Piece Out Of Stock

Chunky Whitby Jet Piece

Chunky Whitby JetNatural chunky jet piece from Whitby, Yorkshire, probably the most known location f..


Large Jet Slab Out Of Stock

Large Jet Slab

Large Jet SlabNatural chunky jet piece from Cambridgeshire,not the most known location for jet in En..


Natural Jet Out Of Stock

Natural Jet

Natural JetNatural chunky jet piece, from Englandapproximate size: 22mm x 20mm x 12mm *actual item..


Small Jet Piece Out Of Stock

Small Jet Piece

Small Jet PieceJet piece , nice size for hands and crystal healing workapproximate size: 34mm x 16mm..