Quartz Clusters and Formations

Quartz Clusters and Formations

natural beds and clusters of quartz an abundant mineral with occasional spectacular and enormous formations

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Chlorite Point with Cluster

Lovely Himalayan Loverly Chlorite on Quartz ClusterChlorite Point with Cluster approximate size: 44..


Chunky Point Quartz Cluster

Chunky Point Quartz Cluster, Nice formed chunky points in this formation, an esstential crystal for ..


Chunky Tabular Quartz Cluster

Classic clear quartz Faden with the 'thread' through the crystal, lovely example of faden quartz, or..


Clear Quartz Crystal Formation

Clear Quartz Crystal Formation, lovely clear quartz 'holy ice' formation with an etched healed surf..


Double Terminated Quartz Cluster

Double terminated points in this  part tabular Himalayan quartz cluster, approximate size: 90mm x 70..


DT Quartz Cluster

Brazilian clear quartz cluster, with at least 4 DT points growing! approximate size: 80mm(3.1"") x 6..


English Quartz Cumbria

English quartz cluster nice distinctive stubby points and terminations from Cumbria approximate size..


English Quartz with Fluorite from Cumbria

English quartz cluster nice distinctive points overgrown on fluorite, nice and sparkly on the under ..


Epidote and Quartz Cluster

Lovely small Epidote and Quartz Cluster From the Himalayan regions approximate size: 29mm(1.1"") x ..


Faden Quartz Point Cluster

Faden Quartz Point Cluster, lovely formation, unique with a cluster of faden crystals around a qua..


Faden Tabular Quartz Small Cluster

Small natural Faden clear quartz crystal, lovely formation approximate size : length 54mm(2.1"") x ..


Fuchsite in Quartz Cluster Out Of Stock

Fuchsite in Quartz Cluster

Lovely Fuchsite in Quartz, multiple crystals together with green fuchsite, smaller crystals on the u..


Green Multiple Tourmalinated Quartz Cluster

Green Tourmalinated Quartz cluster, lovely shade of green tourmaline growing over this quartz format..


Green Multiple Tourmalines Quartz Matrix

Green Multiple Tourmalines Quartz Matrix, lovely shade of green tourmaline crystals with contrasting..


Hematite in Quartz Cluster

Lovely natural quartz formation with hematite inclusions creating this lovely red brown colour varia..


Himalayan Included Quartz Formation

Lovely Himalayan included(chlorite etc.) quartz formation, approximate size: 177mm(7"") x 50mm(1.9"..


Himalayan Inclusion Cluster Out Of Stock

Himalayan Inclusion Cluster

Lovely Himalayan cluster with chlorite inclusions, approximate size: 54mm(2.1"") x 41mm(1.6"") x ..


Himalayan Quartz Cluster 8cm

Lovely Himalayan quartz cluster, approximate size: 83mm(3.2"") x 59mm(2.3"") x 57mm(2.2"") *actual..


Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Topaz Crystals

Lovely Himalayan quartz cluster with Topaz crystals, approximate size: 75mm(2.9"") x 50mm(2"") x 30m..


Large Brazilian Quartz Crystal Cluster

Large Brazilian Quartz Crystal Cluster, chunky interlocked points on a thick base, an esstential cry..


Large Quartz Crystal Cluster

Large Quartz Crystal Cluster, with several larger points one side, smaller point formations the othe..


Lovely Small Clear Quartz Cluster Out Of Stock

Lovely Small Clear Quartz Cluster

Lovely Small Clear Quartz Cluster, distinct points very bright approximate size: 66mm(2.6"") x 39mm..


Multiple Quartz Crystal Cluster

Multiple Quartz Crystal Cluster, lovely quartz formation with many points in the same direction app..


Natural Quartz Cluster

Natural Brazilian quartz cluster approximate size : length 91mm(3""5/8) x 92mm(3""5/8) x 65.5mm(2"..


Pink Quartz Point Formation

A hint of Pink within this Quartz Point Formation, also has small chlorite type inclusion on one of ..


Quartz Cluster Brazil

Brazilian quartz cluster approximate size: 153mm(6"") x 106mm(4""2/8) x 90mm(3""4/8) *actual item..


Quartz Cluster Brazil

Natural Brazilian quartz cluster approximate size : length 81mm(3""1/8) x 80mm(3""1/8) x 35mm(1""3/8..


Quartz Cluster Brazilian

 clear quartz cluster, approximate size: 116mm(4.5"") x 88mm(3.4"") x 33mm(1.3"") *actual i..


Quartz Cluster from Brazil

From Brazil. approximate size: 99mm(3""7/8) x 119mm(4""5/8) *actual item..


Quartz Cluster Himalayan

Lovely Himalayan quartz cluster, approximate size: 146mm(5.7"") x 73mm(2.8"") x 67mm(2.6"") *actual ..