Quartz With Inclusions

Quartz With Inclusions

quartz with fine rutilations of titanium often referred to as angel hair, we also have tourmalinated quartz this is where tourmaline grows within the quartz and chlorite, limonite and other minerals in quartz crystal.

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Blue Dumortierite in Quartz

Blue dumortierite in Quartz, part nice deep powder blue and part quartz matrix,approximate size: 18m..


Bright Clear Quartz Point

Bright Clear Quartz PointBright Clear Twin Quartz Point, very bright and clear quartz with some rut..


Chlorite Faden Quartz

Chlorite Faden QuartzNatural Faden quartz formation with chlorite,  lovely clear tabular or Fad..


Chlorite Quartz Cluster

Chlorite Quartz ClusterUnique Chlorite Quartz point cluster formation with multiple included points,..


Faden Quartz Cluster with Chlorite

Faden Quartz Cluster with ChloriteNatural Faden quartz formation, lovely clear tabular or Faden quar..


Heavily Tourmalinated Quartz

Heavily Tourmalinated QuartzHeavily Tourmalinated Quartz point Formation, on closer inspection you ..


Hematite Golden Quartz Cluster

Hematite Golden Quartz ClusterLovely Himalayan Hematite Quartz Cluster, flatter sparkly base piece w..


Phantom Hematite Chlorite Quartz Point

Hematite Chlorite Quartz PointLovely Himalayan Hematite Chlorite Quartz point, 2 chlorite coated fac..


Quartz Point with Chlorite and Adularia

Quartz Point with Chlorite and AdulariaQuartz Point with Chlorite, coating on one faces, with the ot..


Quartz with Chlorite Rutile and Tourmaline

Quartz with Chlorite Rutile and Tourmaline formation  from the Himalayas approximate size:..


Aqua Crystal with Tourmaline Quartz

Lovely tourmalinated aquamarine crystal within this  tourmalinated quartz crystal point form..


Big Golden Rutilated Quartz Formation

Big Golden Rutilated QuartzLarge Quartz formation with golden rutile inclusions, stunning rutle latt..


Blue Quartz with Indicolite Out Of Stock

Blue Quartz with Indicolite

Blue Quartz with Indicolite, lovely quartz crystal with indicolite(blue tourmaline), Himalayan Quart..


Bright Chlorite Quartz

Bright Chlorite Quartz, quartz formation with smaller point terminations and inclusions from the Him..


Bright Quartz Rutilated Point

Rutilated Quartz Cluster, bright clear quartz with deep golden colour rutile multi directional stran..


Chlorite Coated Quartz Point

Unusual Chlorite Coated Quartz Point the exterior is sparkly and surrounds a lovely clear quart..


Chlorite in Clear Quartz

Chlorite in Clear QuartzChlorite in Clear Quartz, quartz formation with 1 larger and some smaller po..


Chlorite Point with Cluster

Lovely Himalayan Loverly Chlorite on Quartz ClusterChlorite Point with Cluster approximate size: 44..


Chlorite Quartz Crystal Point

Unusual chlorite quartz point with attached quartz crystals approximate size: 59mm(2.3") x 29mm(1.1..


Chlorite Quartz Mica Point

Unusual chlorite quartz point with mica approximate size: 59mm(2.3"") x 27mm(1"") x 27mm(1"") *act..


Chlorite Quartz Points

Chlorite Quartz PointsHimalayan Chlorite Quartz Point, lovely bright quartz point formation with som..


Chlorite Quartz Sparkly Point Formation

Lovely Himalayan Hematite Chlorite Quartz point sparkly formation, the point has sparkly overgrown o..


Chunky Rutilated Clear Quartz Cluster

Chunky Point Rutilated Quartz Formation, lovely chunkier points with areas of rutile visible in some..


Clear Rutilated Quartz Point Half Polished

Clear Quartz Point Half PolishedBeautiful Part Polished Clear Quartz, with silver colour rutile incl..


Gorgeous Rutilated Quartz Formation

Lovely Himalayan rutilated quartz formation, clear areas with bold titanium needles or angel hair gr..


Green Multiple Tourmalinated Quartz Point

Green Tourmalinated Quartz Point, lovely shade of green tourmaline growing from various places withi..


Half Mica Coated Quartz Point

Unusual mica coated quartz point, gorgeously clear quartz half coated with mica, you can see in to t..


Himalayan Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz Formation, lovely vivid colour rutile within this piece from the Himalayas approxim..


Himalayan Rutilated Quartz Formation

Lovely Himalayan rutilated quartz formation, approximate size: 41mm(1.6"") x 29mm(1.1"") x mm(0.8""..


Himalayan Rutilated Quartz Formation

Lovely Himalayan rutilated quartz formation, approximate size: 61mm(2.4"") x 52mm(2"") x 30mm(1.1"")..