Rhodocrosite Formations

Rhodocrosite Formations

Rhodocrosite natural crystals and minerals in their rough state from massive chunks to matrixs and crystal formations

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Peruvian Rhodocrosite Formation

Peruvian Rhodocrosite FormationPeruvian Rhodocrosite Formation, natural rough chunkapproximate dimen..


Chunky Natural Rhodocrosite

Chunky Natural Rhodocrosite From Peru approximate size: 48mm(1.9") x 41mm(1.6") x 32mm(1.2")*actual..


Natural Rhodocrosite Chunk

Natural Rhodocrosite ChunkNatural Rhodocrosite From Peru, colour although muted because of its natur..


Natural Rhodocrosite Chunks

Natural Rhodocrosite Chunks from Peru. approximate average piece: 20mm - 30mm 1 bag 150gm *order s..


Natural Rhodocrosite Piece

Natural Rhodocrosite PieceNatural Rhodocrosite From Peru, one side with colour the other the outer l..


Rhodochrosite Crystal Bed

Natural Rhodochrosite From Peru approximate size: 63mm(2.4") x 48mm(1.9") x 39mm(1.5")*actual item..


Rhodocrosite - Part polished

Rhodocrosite chunk with a face polished from Peru. approximately: 80.5mm(3""2/8) x 49mm(1""7/8) x ..


Rhodocrosite Crystal on Matrix

Rhodocrosite Crystal on Matrix From Peru approximate size: 72mm(2.8") x 42mm(1.6") x 42mm(1.6")*act..


Rhodocrosite Crystal Specimen

Rhodocrosite Crystal SpecimenStunning rare Rhodocrosite Crystal specimen from USAapproximate size: 1..


Rhodocrosite Crystals with Pyrite and Matrix

Rhodocrosite Crystals with Pyrite and Matrix From Peru approximate size: 43mm(1.6"") x 25mm(0.9"") ..


Rhodocrosite Mostly Polished Pebble

Rhodocrosite Mostly Polished PebbleRhodocrosite chunky pebble with one face and sides polished, leav..


Rhodocrosite Piece from Peru

Rhodocrosite Piece from PeruNatural Rhodocrosite From Peru, two side with colour the other the outer..


Rhodocrosite with Calcite

Rhodocrosite with Calcite crystals From Peru approximate size: 73mm(2.8"") x 54mm(2.1"") x 38mm(1.5..


Polished Rhodocrosite Slice Out Of Stock

Polished Rhodocrosite Slice

Polished Rhodocrosite Slice, lovely colours, light and deeper pink and red, patterns and shades, fro..


Rhodochrosite Dusty Pink Crystal Specimen Out Of Stock

Rhodochrosite Dusty Pink Crystal Specimen

Rhodochrosite Dusty Pink Crystal SpecimenWell formed crystal formation of rhodocrosite, dusty pink c..