Aventurine Boulders

Aventurine Boulders

Aventurine crystal polished and carved into tactile palmstone and freeform shapes ideal for prayer meditation and crystal healing

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Aventurine Palmstone Out Of Stock

Aventurine Palmstone

Carved from Brazilian aventurine as shown, ideal shape for holding and meditation approximate size :..


Aventurine Polished Boulder Out Of Stock

Aventurine Polished Boulder

Polished boulder of Brazilian Aventurine, approximate size : 94mm(3""6/8) x 60mm(2""3/8) x 39mm(1""4..


Aventurine Polished Boulder Brazil Out Of Stock

Aventurine Polished Boulder Brazil

Polished boulder of Brazilian aventurine approximate size : 81.5mm(3""2/8) x 53mm(2""1/8) x 47.5mm(1..