Danburite Pebbles

Danburite Pebbles

carefully sected danburite crystal minerals polished and carved into tactile palmstone and freeform shapes ideal for prayer meditation and crystal healing

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Danburite Freeform Piece

Danburite freeform polished piece, approximate size: 50mm(1.9"") x 42mm(1.6"") x 17mm(0.6 "") *ac..


Polished Danburite Freeform

Polished Danburite Freeform, approximate size: 40mm(1.6"") x 28mm(1.1"") x 15mm(0.6"") *actual It..


Polished Danburite Freeform Tumble

Polished Danburite Freeform Tumble, approximate size: 47mm(1.8"") x 37mm(1.4"") x 20mm(0.7"") *ac..