Other Crystal & Mineral Points

Other Crystal & Mineral Points

A whole host of different crystals and minerals carved into points useful for grids and crystal healing

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Black Obsidian Tower

Black Obsidian TowerLovely black obsidian chunk, natural piece with a flatter base so would stand at..


Carved Black Obsidian Tower

Carved Black Obsidian TowerLovely black obsidian tower chunk with a cut base to stand upright. Some ..


Champagne Topaz Terminated Crystal

Lovely Himalayan champagne Topaz Crystal, lovely colour tone and with actual crystal terminatio..


Hematite Points

Double terminated hematite points. approximately 30-40mm(1""1/8-1""4/8) in length...


Black Obsidian Carved Point Out Of Stock

Black Obsidian Carved Point

Lovely black obsidian carved into an upright point. approximate size : 70mm x 56mm x 40mm *actual i..


Black Obsidian Chunk Out Of Stock

Black Obsidian Chunk

Black Obsidian Chunksmall chunk of black obsidian, natural piece, always be careful handling natural..