Other Crystal & Mineral Points

Other Crystal & Mineral Points

A whole host of different crystals and minerals carved into points useful for grids and crystal healing

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Carved Black Obsidian Tower -13%

Carved Black Obsidian Tower

Carved Black Obsidian TowerLovely black obsidian tower chunk with a cut base to stand upright. Some ..

£55.00 £48.00

Champagne Topaz Terminated Crystal

Lovely Himalayan champagne Topaz Crystal, lovely colour tone and with actual crystal terminatio..


Hematite Points

Double terminated hematite points. approximately 30-40mm(1""1/8-1""4/8) in length...


Black Obsidian Carved Point Out Of Stock

Black Obsidian Carved Point

Lovely black obsidian carved into an upright point. approximate size : 70mm x 56mm x 40mm *actual i..