Other -S- Tumblestones

Other -S- Tumblestones
Other Tumblestones beginning with S including saphhire, sardonyx, seraphinite, selenite and more.
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Sapphire tumblestones 25-29mm

Good chunky example of tumbled sapphire. corundum family of stones size guide: 25-29mm *limited stoc..


Selenite Tumble 22-26mm

Selenite tumblestones size guide: 22-26mm..


Serpentine tumble 21-26mm

natural tumbled serpentine, larger in size than standard. size guide: 26 - 33mm*sample of actual sto..


Shungite Tumblestone 14-20mm

Shungite TumblestoneA black non crystalline mineral mostly comprised of carbon. Sought for it's..


Stilbite Tumblestones 34-41mm

Lovely chunky Stilbite Tumblestones from India size guide: 34 - 41mm *Limited stock available..