Emerald Tumblestones

Emerald Tumblestones
Varieties of Emerald Tumblestones from around the world, the same mineral can vary in appearance and feel when orginating from different locations.
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Quality Emerald tumblestone 27mm

Emerald tumblestone 27mmHigh Quality emerald with schist tumblestone, great contrasting green and bl..


Brazilian Emerald tumblestone 13-20mm Out Of Stock

Brazilian Emerald tumblestone 13-20mm

Natural Brazilian emerald tumblestones, nice colour and polish size guide: 13-20mmprice per piece, l..


Emerald tumblestone 25-30mm

Natural Brazilian emerald tumblestones size guide: 25-30mmprice per piece, limited stock available.*..


Himalayan Emerald tumblestones 13-16mm

Natural Himalayan emerald tumblestonessize guide: 13-16mmprice per piece, limited stock available.*s..