Lapis Lazuli Tumblestones

Lapis Lazuli Tumblestones
Varieties of Lapis Lazuli Tumblestones, this famous blue stone originates primarily from Afghanistan, however it's known that Chile is also a minor source for the mineral.
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Lapis Lazuli tumblestones 18-28mm

lapis lazuli polished tumblestone From Afghanistan approximate size: 18-28mmprice per piece, limited..


Larger Lapis Lazuli tumblestones 30-40mm

lapis lazuli tumble polished. From Afghanistan approximate size: 30-40mmprice per piece, limited sto..


Nice Grade Lapis Lazuli tumblestones 30-40mm

From Afghanistan, lovely deeper blue colourapproximate size: 30-40mmprice per piece, limited stock a..