Tiger Eye Tumblestones

Tiger Eye Tumblestones
Varieties of Tiger Eye Tumblestones including hawks, falcon and frog eye tiger eye tumble stones from Africa and Brazil.
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Blue Tigers Eye tumble 20-23mm

natural blue tigers eye from Africa, quite dark in appearance size guide: 15-18mm..


Brown Tigers Eye tumble 43-55mm

Extra large natural brown or golden tigers eye from Africa size guide: 43-55mm, limited quantity..


Frogs Eye tumblestones 20-26mm

Locally called Frogs eye these tumblestones are probably from the kyanite family but also nicknamed ..


Large Brown Tigers Eye tumble 38-45mm

natural brown tigers eye from Africa size guide: 38-45mm..


Large Brown Tigers Eye tumble 39-47mm

Nice colour African tiger eye large tumblestones size guide: 39-47mm..


Special Tiger Eye Tumblestones 28-32mm

Special Tiger Eye Tumblestones, high quality mineral and polish brings out a lovely colour. size gui..