Other -D- Tumblestones

Other -D- Tumblestones
Other Tumblestones beginning with D such as Blue dolerite the stone henge stone and danburite.
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Danburite Tumblestone 33mm

Polished Danburite Tumble approximate size: 33mm(1.2"") x 21mm(0.8"") x 14mm(0.5"") *actual Item sho..


Danburite tumblestones 20-29mm

Mostly polished with a few natural patches Danburite tumblestones.size guide: 20-29mmprice per piece..


Dioptase Tumblestones 24-30mm Out Of Stock

Dioptase Tumblestones 24-30mm

Nice larger size and great colour  some pieces with a little blue shattuckitesize guide: 24-30m..


Dumortierite tumblestones 35-50mm

Nice larger size and great colour dumortierite tumblestones size guide: 35-50mmprice per piece, limi..


Danburite Freeform Tumble Out Of Stock

Danburite Freeform Tumble

Pink shade of Danburite part polished tumblestone, approximate size: 49mm(1.9") x 35mm(1.3") x 21mm(..