Sugilite Tumblestones

Sugilite Tumblestones
Varieties of Sugilite Tumblestones from Africa, a favoured high vibrational crystal.
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Dark Sugilite Freeform

Dark Sugilite FreeformDark freeform Sugilite tumblestone,  with lighter shades and


Dark Sugilite Freeform Tumblestone

Dark Sugilite Freeform TumblestoneDark freeform Sugilite tumblestone,  shades.approximate size:..


Gem Sugilite Polished Freeform Out Of Stock

Gem Sugilite Polished Freeform

Gem Sugilite Polished FreeformRare gem sugilite polished freeform, the highest quality of sugilite y..


Small Sugilite tumblestones 13 - 19mm

sugilite containing bustamite and other minerals, tumblestones from Africa, limited supplies size gu..


Sugilite Freeform

Rare darker freeform Sugilite tumblestone with bustamite and manganese approximate size: 40mm x 30mm..


Sugilite Freeform Tumblestone

Sugilite Freeform TumblestoneRare chunky freeform Sugilite tumblestone, dark with lighter purple sha..


Sugilite Tumblestone 21 - 30mm Out Of Stock

Sugilite Tumblestone 21 - 30mm

Lovely strong colour sugilite some with bustamite and other minerals, deep purple tumblestones from ..


Sugilite Tumblestone Freeform

Rare chunky freeform Sugilite piece. approximate size: 49mm(1.9"") x 37mm(1.4"") x 20mm(0.8"") *actu..