Chrysocolla Formations

Chrysocolla Formations

Chrysocolla Natural Crystals Chunks and Mineral Formations

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Chrysocolla chunk

Natural chunks of chrysocolla, approximate size: 22mm-28mm sample stock shown...


Large Chunk of Chrysocolla

natural large piece of chrysocolla from Peru. approximate dimensions: 154mm(6"") x 68mm(2.7"") x 43m..


Natural Chrysocolla Chunks

Natural Chrysocolla Chunks from Peru. approximate average piece: 15mm - 28mm 1 bag 150gm *order sele..


Natural Chrysocolla from Mexico

Natural Chrysocolla, lovely bright colour from Mexico approximate dimensions: 66mm x 50mm x 29mm*act..


Natural Chrysocolla with Heterogenite Chunk

Natural Chrysocolla with Heterogenite, lovely bright colour from the Congo, South Africa. approximat..